The publicity offensive is on!

On the heels of the American congressional delegation traveling to Cuba to discuss a possible “dialogue” between the two countries, the Cuban publicity machine has predictably cranked up. Objective: sway people into opposing the embargo so as to give the crumbling dictatorship another lifeline.

Time is running out for the dictorship, as evidenced by things such as the recent announcement, first by Swiss banks followed by others that Cuba’s accounts were to be closed. The castroite insiders know this. The closer the regime gets to the brink of collapse the more we can expect to see letters to editors, columns and articles like these taken from just the last few days.

It’s high time U.S. talked to Cuba

Normalize relations between U.S., Cuba

US Urged to End Cuba Embargo as Castro Ails

Hints of rethinking the Cuba embargo

1 thought on “The publicity offensive is on!”

  1. There really ought to be a concerted effort to get information and news like that (the stuff about the Swiss banks) to middle America. If the MSM won’t do it, we should.

    People should know that there’s more to the argument for the embargo than “Castro’s not nice.” They need to know trade with Cuba is downright dangerous and people elsewhere recognie the fact.

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