castro can run but he can’t hide from the truth

Astute Babalu readers bring up several points in response to my post earlier today about a Spanish surgeon being rushed to Cuba presumably to treat the decrepit tyrant.

Reader “class factotum” says:

“The plane carried medical equipment not available in Cuba”

But what about the free health care available to everyone in Cuba because of the superiority of the communist system? Isn’t it as good as the health care everywhere else in the world? Perhaps better? I’m so confused.

And reader Melek adds:

What’s interesting is that the article neglects to mention that Dr. Garcia Sabrido is an Oncology Surgeon, who seems to specialize in Colorectal Cancer. Moreover it seems that the surgeon was in Cuba early last month, as a “guest speaker” at the IX Cuban Congress of Surgery (November 7, 2006).

But… I thought Cuba insists that castro does not have cancer:

… I’m so confused … did he have cancer before he did not have cancer?

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8 thoughts on “castro can run but he can’t hide from the truth”

  1. “Neoadjuvant chemoradiation with tegafur in cancer of the pancreas: initial analysis of clinical…” , is what comes first when doing a Google search on Dr. Garcia Sabrido. Draw your own conclusions from that…

  2. The above and the announcement by Negroponte show that the top leadership in the island is well penetrated by US intel..

  3. It is a small consolation indeed, but a consolation nevertheless, that the monster is dying slowly. Slowly and painfully. May he live to be 140. Yet, sixty years of slow death is still a small price for him to pay.

  4. Now in the obits when the MSM mentions the Cuban healthcare system will they mention that it needed a doctor and equipment that was not available in Cuba to help save castro?..Guess Not.

    Ironically Cuba exports doctors for propaganda effect all over the globe, but they have to import an expert and equipment to save the maximum leader.

    Another rousing success for the Socialist Paradise.

    Merry Christmas Val, George and all BabaluBlog posters.

  5. I think that the end is very near and Cuban doctors are washing their hands because they don’t want to be blamed for the unavoidable. When the beast finally dies, whoever was in charge of his care probably will be blamed for it by party members. So better be some guy from another country.

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