Why hasn’t he been busted?

I was just checking up on Tom Hayden, the creepy Santa Monica Svengali who MADE Jane Fonda into a cannon-humpin’, Viet-Cong lovin’ raddled whore of the global far left. A congential useful idiot, Jane owes all she ever became to rat-faced Hayden.

What was fringe-left Hayden up to these days? Well, in late August, he wrote about his May 21 trip to Cuba, where he went to just hang around with his good friend Ricardo Alarcon, the impotent little sycophant of the castroite cabal.

Unlike you and me, who must obey laws, Tom seems to think he’s above the law and can just jet over to Cuba any time he likes – defying an embargo that was put into place because of all the dead bodies the castro regime has managed to pile up.

For normal people, the travel embargo’s understandable because killing people is an outrage. Not so for Tom Hayden, who’s a fan of big piles of dead bodies. He defies the embargo not to go Varadero Beach like the eurotrash, but to kiss up to Ricardo Alarcon, a slimey castroite operative, who, for all we know, might’ve had something to do with the castroite torture of U.S. prisoners in Vietcong and North Vietnamese communist dungeons.

In his crummy article published on some blog called ‘Truthdig’ and on his self-titled Web site, Hayden conveyed Alarcon’s “deep” thoughts about the future of Cuba. The late lead time between his kissing session with Ricardo and the August publication of his rubbish makes me wonder if he’s just gotten a sudden note from the Treasury Department about his trip and quick, suddenly, had to justify it all by claiming he was, all along, a journalist. I don’t buy it and neither should the Treasury Department.

Tom Hayden travelled to Cuba as an honored guest of the Marxist regime there, got the full wonder treatment from the castroites, and then shamelessly jetted back to the states as if nothing ever happened. The real reason Hayden went to see the castroites is because that’s where his friends are.

Why hasn’t this bastard been busted? Where is the Treasury Department? Why isn’t he paying fines or doing some jail time? None of this has gotten a scintilla of scrutiny. Hayden needs a good busting.

3 thoughts on “Why hasn’t he been busted?”

  1. He’s practicing in order to look shocked, SHOCKED! when the truth comes out about his buddy fidel.

    [butterfly McQueen]I didn’t known nothing about no murders and tortures [/butterfly McQueen}

  2. uncle fidel will have interesting guests in hell,where all collaborators go to dine so buon apetit comemierdas.

  3. Hayden should have visited “Mantua Negra” Prison. This is the new womens Prison that the Dicktador open on World Womans day as a present to Cuban Womanhood. Hayden needs a good busting, but also a good swife kick in the Ase.

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