A Pan con Lechon Christmas

Just a quick note to wish our Babalú family a wonderful, beautiful and happy Christmas. We had a great Noche Buena last night here at the Prieto household. Having four generations of your family together in one place really touches the heart. I dont think I could have asked for a better Christmas present.

The Mrs and I have already picked up tyhe house and yard, Ive cleaned the tartaras, put away the tent, chairs and tables. Ive already had my Christmas morning pan con lechon. Ordinarily, now we would stuff the car with presents and head out to do the rounds. Los suegros, los viejos, las sobrinas, los hermanos and friends homes. But our Christmas will be a bit different today.

The Mrs and I are headed out to the emergency room of the local hospital to see what they can do about the mojo I accidentally injected into my hand while I was prepping the pig. Using a horse needle.

Fret not though, folks. Ive still got half a keg of beer at ManCamp.

Best wishes for a wonderful day from our family to yours. And thanks for making this little slice of internet such a great home.


13 thoughts on “A Pan con Lechon Christmas”

  1. coño Val, como es possible? When you get back and have a chance you gotta give us more details as to how not to injectar el puerco con mojo. I hope all is well and that you’re already home, enjoying your family and polishing off that leftover half a keg.

    How much of the first keg had you injested when you “accidentally injected your hand”?

    I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and my sincerest wish that next year we’ll be celebrating con un puerco sabroso with all our families in Cuba. For me – it’ll be Cienfuegos, con mi papa, mi abuelo y step sisters, brothers, neices and nephews (though some of my US family will be in Lajas) – I’ll be torn between two cities.

    What town will you guys/gals be in when it finally comes to pass?

  2. Val, Hope all is ok w/you – Feliz Navidad tu you and your family.

    Nydia – Varadero! I was born and raised there.

  3. Val – not only are you a hot blooded Cubano – now you got MOJO running through the blood. Austin Powers would kill for that MOJO – yeah, baby!

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