Nightmare in Bolivia

Ever since Evo Morales was elected president in December 2005, all of Bolivia under its new castroite regime is a nightmare, but one individual nightmare in particular really disturbs me.

Dr. Amauris Samartino is a Cuban doctor who fled castro’s communist Cuba for … Bolivia, years ago. Think about that. Who in hell flees TO Bolivia, South America’s poorest and most backward state – unless the place they are fleeing from is infinitely worse? Only if you live in Cuba could you consider Bolivia a promised land and move to it and consider it a step upward. Not even Bolivians do, they have one of the region’s highest illegal emigration rates.

Dr. Samartino lives in Santa Cruz, the one area of Bolivia where Bolivians create wealth and welcome immigrants. That’s the area that’s bearing the hardest lash from Morales and all his castroite communism. That area has seen land confiscations, broken property rights, Cuban security agents and violence. Huge protests have broken out, as happened in Venezuela before them. The local Crucenos hate Morales so bad they actually send each other text-message photos of a dead Morales, acting in the Bolivian spirit of taking out the trash, as they did with che.

Dr. Samartino is a legal resident. He’s spoken out against the cubanization of his new country, and more daring still, has helped other Cuban doctors sent to Bolivia to defect, sending them to reach freedom’s shores in Brazil and the U.S.

The castroites running Bolivia decided he needed to be stopped. So for criticizing Morales and more significantly, for helping castro’s doctors flee to freedom, he’s been arrested. And he is about to be deported.

Back to castro’s Cuba.

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than this. For helping others reach freedom, he is about to lose his own, and be taken back to the very hellhole he fled for his life from.

This is an outrageous human rights violation by any standard and something that ought to get more attention. I am going to do my part. No one should ever be shipped back to castro’s Cuba against his will, to what surely will be an ignominous and terrifying fate. Just for speaking out.

The U.S. gives Bolivia $120 million in annual aid. castro, by contrast, just gives Cuban doctors, and Venezuela’s castroite Hugo Chavez, by contrast, gives only $7 million in aid. The Morales regime is held together by U.S. aid, which amounts to about 10% of the national budget. This U.S. taxpayer aid to this brutal leftist tyrant has got to stop.

One potential course of action is to contact the U.S. Aid office and them that no aid should be given to a regime that would force a Cuban back to tyranny’s prison on our dime. Either bring that Cuban doctor here, or Bolivia must never see another penny of U.S. Aid.

This is going entirely too far now.

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    Everyone should call the Embassy of Bolivia in Washington D.C——(202- 483-4410—–
    We must prevent the Bolivian Govt. from sending Dr. Amaurus Samartino inTO the the hands of the horrid G2 of Castros Cuba.
    Please call the Embassy and speak to anyone who will listen. The Ambassador`s office is not taking calls but one can leave messages to any other voice mail.

  2. Lets remember that we now have four members of the House, and two members of the US Senate. We should put them to good use. I’m certain that they would be very sympathetic to this issue. Letters from them may carry quite a bit of clout with Bolivian diplomats in DC.

    I don’t have contact information handy. But is is easy to locate.

  3. Shame shame shame…… QUE VERGUENZA

    So now we have to be-careful what we say… Bolivia a poor country, but freedom of speech is one thing I can always remember and be proud of,(no matter whom) of my country. We and I voted for “Evo” (our Aymara Indian) hoping he would change the stupid and corrupt ways of the white elite, Governments of the past. Tears even came to my eyes as he was sworn in…. BUT LOOK at the situation now
    Yes… he did a good job in nationalizing the gas. We have no love for exploiters who come and run our show,(left or right- Cuba or USA) but somehow things have gotten all screwed up.
    Bolivia has become a land divided, hatred between the lowlanders and highlanders. Indian against White… Poor against Rich….ETC ETC. The Gov. itself changes the laws as it pleases and worst of all they call Cuba a place Bolivia should become like. Castro the “Wise Uncle”….. My ___!!! Don’t get me wrong. George Bush has no love here ether. Whom is worse????
    Bolivia is a beautiful country. It should be allowed to go forward… with a Indian or White President, but Evo has caused many to flee the country has caused division like no other time in Bolivian history and now wants to persecute or throw out people who do not think like him and using Illegal laws at that. I feel for our Cuban Brother and if he is sent back to Cuba and something happens to him… May his blood be on “Evo’s” hands. Bush and Evo have one thing in common “arrogance” and they really do not pay attention to right people. They do what they please “No matter what” Que Pena! I guess Castro could be put into that bowl of stew also.
    We are people ( a nation) who want to live in peace, work, go forward in life. BUT WHEN and HOW…. Our Bolivian Gov. is failing us.
    Cochabamba, Bolivia

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