Friday Open Thread

Ive got a few things to do today that will probably keep me away from the keyboard most of the day, so please feel free to use this post as the final open thread of 2006.

It has been one heckova year with some major ups and downs, hasnt it?

I’ve been asked to write an editorial for a major internet portal on the different rumors we’ve heard this past year – and before- on the death of fidel castro, so please gimme a hand and chime in with your favorite chismes on the matter.

8 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread”

  1. One rumor I liked at the time I heard it, and really wished it were true, until they published pictures of fidel, was the one where one of Ochoa’s men was taken into fidel’s office with two armed guards. Supposedly the armed guards were into the conspiracy and while fidel and the prisoner argued, the prisoner pulled a gun from under his handcuffs and shot fidel dead. So sad it wasn’t true

  2. one of the coaches in the school from a neighboring town was excited to hear a “cuban” was coming to take over in the front office.. since i arrived all he asked was to meet the “cubano”.. i finally got to where he’s at and he invites me into his house.. he wanted to show me this special room where he has all these pics of fidel, raul, che, camilo, cuba.. and he rambles on and on about how wonderful cuba is and this that and the other.. how the machinery of capitalism is oiled with the blood of the workers and all that.. today he drops by for his paycheck.. funny how capitalism is bad but he expects a paycheck.. i suggested he should forgo his paycheck and let us buy food and clothes and pay the school for the poor kids in his town.. SOB says hes going to cuba in may, for mayday of course, and he hopes fidel is alive so he can see him one last time.. so, how is your day going so far!?!?

  3. Not a rumor, but I just now remembered that funny story of you telling your wife that “Fidel se cayo!” and all of the excitement that ensued. lol Of course, he had literally just fallen down. I think that little anecdote perfectly captures the yearning of all Cubans in exile for the real fall of Fidel. And besides, it was hilarious as well. :^P

    And Daniel, I’ve run into many people who share that guy’s sentiments. I just don’t get it. Sigh.

  4. All the talk about Hussein hanging, all I could think of is it should be fidel. He’s gotten by with it. The sob gets to die a natural death at a good ripe age. It’s just not right. I’d like to see him drug thru the streets, bleeding insides and all and watch him hang.

  5. My favorite is the one passed around via emails, someone said a relative of a relative was a nurse in the castro empire and had seen him laid flat out, on the gurney, dead as a doornail, seen it herself! The rumor never panned out but somehow plenty of people believed it.

  6. I love the rumors out of Venezuela, of Hugo Chavez sneaking into Havana. One that was unconfirmed but which I believe is the one about Raul telling The Thug ‘no, you can’t see castro’ even though chavez’d flown in from Africa. He was afraid that Chavez couldn’t keep a secret and that makes sense.

    Other rumors: How about the castro animation nike gym suit? Just pour the dead dumb castro in and he’s moving around like a marionette.

    Or the photoshop castro-holding-a-newspaper rumors, which experts said they couldn’t tell was really a photoshop. When castro first came public after his illness was announced, he was, kidnap-victim-style, shown holding a newspaper with a day’s date on it to prove the bastard was still breathing.

    Another dead-castro rumor: How ’bout that Morales of Bolivia, unable to serve the bearded beast his coca cake? I don’t think he ever got to do it.

  7. Well, since it’s Open Mic Friday, allow me to extend the warmest wishes for this upcoming New Year, Val, Robertico, y todos aqui.

    I will be away up in the cold wintry North (otherwise known as Palm Beach), so I’ll be away from the Great Orange Drop in Downtown for New Year’s.

    But here’s hoping all of you have a great New Year’s Day!

    P.S.: You’ve been the Christmas House in Pinecrest right? Dude, you have to check it out, if not.

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