One less dictator, a better world.

Looks like Saddam Hussein will be hanging his sneakers before years end and I hope he takes his Cuban counterpart along with him if bearded bastard isnt already holding the door to hell open for his Iraqi comrade in oppression.

Apparently, good friend Bill Ardolino, who is as we speak on his way to Baghdad to later embed with US Marines, will be arriving just in time for the dead dictator festivities. Perhaps what he’ll be reporting in the next few days may have some similarities to what we’ll experience in Miami and Cuba once fidel “Adidas” castro is maggot food.

Bill A’s not only a good friend but a fine writer and astute dude. He’s filed his first report from Kuwait, with pictures, which you can read here.

Keep an eye on INDC Journal for the next few weeks as Guillermo will certainly be in the thick of things and will undoubtedly be publishing some excellent reportage from Iraq.

And, if you wish to help Billermo out with a small donation to help defray the costs of his expedition, you can do so here.

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