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    Hey Ziva, what do you expect… A “Gringo” will eat anything if it’s rolled into a tortilla.

    But yeah, that’s pretty gross. Frijoles negros enlatados—shiissh.

    Y con queso?

  2. Cubans DO NOT eat TORTILLAS! The only “tortillas in our cuisine are egg omelettes. Period!

    Below is my mom’s recipes for Cuban Black Beans and Rice:

    Cuban Black Beans


    1 Lb. Black Beans
    10 Cups of Water
    1 Large Green Pepper

    2/3 cup Olive Oil
    1 Large Onion (diced)
    4 Garlic Cloves (diced and/or ground)
    1 Green Pepper (diced and/or ground)
    ½ Tsp. Black Pepper
    ¼ Tsp. Oregano
    1 Bay Leaf
    2 Tsp. Sugar

    2 Tbs. Vinegar
    2 Tbs. Dry Wine
    2 Tbs. Olive Oil

    Rinse the Black Beans and then leave them soaking in the 10 cups of water with the Green Pepper (washed and cleaned). When the beans are “swollen” place them on the stove and begin cooking until softened (about 45 minutes or so).

    In a frying pan heat up the Olive Oil then add the Onions, Green Pepper, and Garlic. Sautee the ingredients until the Onions are translucent. Add to the frying pan 1 cup of drained beans and mash them well. Take all the ingredients from the frying pan and add them to the rest of the Black Beans.

    Add the Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Bay leaf, and Sugar and let boil (covered) for another hour, then add the Vinegar and Dry Wine and continue cooking on low heat for another hour. If the beans are too watery then remove the lid and let it cook until the beans thicken. When the beans are ready to serve, add the Olive Oil.

    Note: Who’s ever heard of “draining” a can of black beans? Definitely NOT Cuban cuisine.

    Cuban White Rice

    1 Lb. White Rice (cleaned and drained)
    3 Cups Water
    1 Tbs. Salt
    2 Garlic Cloves
    3 Tbs. Oil

    In a cooking pot heat up the oil and the Garlic Cloves until they reach a golden color; lower the heat and remove the Garlic Cloves. Add to the pot the water and salt. When the water begins to boil, add the rice to the pot immediately. Let it boil for a minute or so then lower the heat and let it cook (well covered) on low heat for about 30 minutes.

  3. Thanks, Firefly. I’m gonna try those awesome recipes out!

    This whole goofy episode reminds of Mao’s visit to castro one year. Mao, thinking Cubans were Mexicans, giggled and said that he and castro had one thing in common, hot red chili pepper cuisine. castro looked at him and blanched. It would have been nice if Chairman Mao, thinking castro was a Mexican, had served him some stew of the fire-tasting stuff, thinking he was doing the bearded beast a favor. In fact, I hope he stuffed him good with hot peppers as his means of ‘honoring’ him.

  4. The recipe for “Cuban beans” can also be enjoyed on rye bread with some sauerkraut and swiss cheese for a great Cuban Reuben. ¡Muy Auténtico!

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