Off to a rocky start…

It’s the first work day of the year. You wake up early because you dont want to be late. Jump in the shower, get dressed, take the trash out. Grab your coffee, kiss the wife goodbye and head out the door.

You jump in the trusty ’92 Isuzu pickup, clutch, pump the gas a couple times and turn the ignition. Trusty Isuzu starts up like a charm, you throw in in reverse and start off.

You get to the corner of your house and the trusty Isuzu sputters a bit, you touch the gas a little and it sputters a little more, knocks a few times and conks out. You turn the ignition a few times and it does nothing but wheeze the carb.

My trusty 1992 Isuzu just didnt want to go to work today, January 2nd, 2007.

My year is off to a rocky start, folks. I hope yours fares much much better.

3 thoughts on “Off to a rocky start…”

  1. I don’t usually read the herald, but the article regarding Cuba condemning the US over saddam’s execution is too funny. Especially the part about sending millions into exile. Would this qualify as the pot calling the kettle black?

  2. Val- check the simple stuff first. Loose plug wire (or a connection at the distributor), clogged fuel filter, plugged air filter, that sort of stuff, maybe the points are finally worn out. The next step on the list involves the fuel pump. Easy enough to check on a carb engine, though. Remember too that a Japanese vehicle of that era has enough vacuum hose and components to reproduce if they’d added just one more. Check the hoses, switches and valves for cracks and breaks.

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