Another Cuban Government Lie

Guess what? Granma is reporting that Cuba has the LOWEST INFANT MORTALITY RATE ever in the history of the island and second only to Canada.

IN 2006, Cuba achieved the lowest infant mortality rate in its history with a figure of 5.3 per 1,000 live births; a figure that confirms us as the leading country in Latin America with respect to such an important indicator.

The aforementioned figure places the island in the top 30 nations throughout the world whose children have a greater probability of life from the moment they are born until they celebrate their first birthdays. In the general panorama of the Americas, only Canada has a lower rate than Cuba.

Of course that number is extremely low because Cuba has the highest abortion rate in the hemisphere, with 58.6 out of 100 women aborting their pregnancies; 209,900 abortions per year with the number of abortions that would be experienced by the average woman during her reproductive lifetime, given present age-specific abortion rates at 2.33. (1996 figures. God knows what these figures have escalated to ten years later.)

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  1. Yes, they fail to mention that abortion in Cuba is used as birthcontrol. They also fail to mention that doctors in Cuba advise women who’s pregnancy display anything weird to get an abortion.
    I know a 22 year old who’s had four abortions done already and all advised by Cuban doctors. According to her these doctors would tell her there was no sense in her having a baby while still in the university. She’s in the states now and she talks about it as one would speak about throwing old jeans away. That is the culture overthere. Sad but true

  2. Yes the infants survive, when not aborted, to face a totally oppressed life where their main choices become suicide or escaping on a flimsy raft and maybe drowning!!!

  3. “In 1958, Cuba had the lowest infant mortality rate in all of Latin America, with 40 deaths per thousand live births. The Cuban rate was significantly lower than the corresponding statistics for France (41.9), Japan (48.9) and Italy (52.8). Although by 1994 world-wide advances in medicine had made it possible for Cuba to substantially reduce the rate to 9.9 per thousand, it had fallen behind the same three countries indicated above, with France showing an index of 7.0, Japan, 4.0 and Italy a per thousand infant mortality rate of 8.0.”

    “Cuba’s reduction in the infant mortality rate was made possible by a large drop in the birth rate as well as by a notable increase in the rate of abortions. During the period 1990-1995, Cuba had the lowest birth rate in all of Latin America and double the abortion rate of all of the countries under consideration.”

    Read Humberto Fontova’s “Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant” is full of very valuable information.

  4. They forgot to mention that cuba also has the most educated jineteras in the world.

    That Cuban children are the happiest in the world and never go to bed hungry like their counterparts in the US do.

    That every 95.5 out of a hundred Cuban is a doctor trained in the best universities that are free and open to all and that all medicine is free and universly available.

    That the only people who escape Cuba are Batista supporters like Elian’s mom.

    That Miami Cubans all work for the CIA and run drugs or guns on the side.

    Cuba under castro is the most utopian of all the utopias.

    Just ask any member of Pastors for Peace or the Congressional Black caucus!

  5. Also keep in mind that if a baby is born too prematurely to save and dies, anybody wanna bet me it is counted as a miscarriage instead of a birth followed by a death?

  6. I had this argument BTW when it came out that the US has a higher infant mortality rate than most of the First World. I counter that

    a) By US rules, if it took a breath it was born, no matter how prematurely. Not all First World countries go by that rule (Prior to X weeks it is considered a “miscarriage” no matter how long the baby lived afterwards)

    b) Americans are more willing to give problem pregnancies a chance than many other people—and problem pregnancies can have tragic consequences.

    c) We don’t have a National Health Service to determine that fertility treatments aren’t worth providing. Fertility treatments can lead to more multiple births, and multiple births usually happen prematurely.

  7. I don’t think the MINSAP statistic for infant mortality has anything to do with the number of abortions. I think the MINSAP number is simply fabricated. Anyone who has seen Cuban knows that such claims are prima facie unbelievable — the vast majority of the Cuban people live in worse conditions than the Brazilian favelas, and the fascist elite certainly aren’t particularly concerned for their welfare. Castro’s servants just make this bullshit up, and no one can contradict them — there is no independent media, there is no independent academia, all the UN WHO figures are based on information gathered by Cuban public health ministries. There’s no need to go seeking for reasons why Cuban infant mortality rates are so low. The claims are simply lies. The infant mortality rates are just made up, the same as all the other bullshit propaganda.

  8. I checked the reference. According to the report, approximately 60% of the stats were a procedure known as “menstrual regulation” – the woman isn’t officially tested for pregnancy, so she can rationalize that it isn’t an abortion, just a way of bringing on menses without muss or fuss.

    But, I’m guessing that many of these women are, in fact, pregnant. You don’t undergo a medical procedure just to spare yourself a little blood.

    The other possibility, is, to be frank, prostitutes who don’t want to stop working – they get rid of the cycle, so they can keep servicing clients. Though, I doubt these are many – they can, after all, offer alternative, and quite popular, oral services.

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