Cuba without the veil.

Oregon Statesman Journal reporter Timothy Alex Akimoff went to Cuba this past summer and has written a five part series on his experiences. I think it is the first article or report I have read about Cuba where there is absolutely no mention of free healthcare or free education or all the other propagandist notions always expressed by foreign correspondents in Cuba.

Part one “Getting to Know Cuba” is here with photos here.

Cuba – Day 2 is here with photos here.

Cuba – Day 3 is here.

Cuba – Day 4 is here.

Cuba – Day 5 is here.

These are all a bit lengthy, but very well written and rather surprising, as Akimoff seems to not suffer from the same myopia that most reporters covering Cuba do. They are refreshingly honest and are today’s must reads.

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  1. What a heart-breaking way to start my day. I remember la Habana Vieja (as it was) from when I was a little kid; it’s just a slum. Noticed that the paint only goes on the tourist spots.

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