11 thoughts on “Im a Jets fan from now on…”

  1. BLASPHEMER, BLASPHEMER, quiet you spouter of blasphamy you.. youre upset, i understand, but there no reason to say anything like that.. i think those drugs you are taking for your hand have really messed you up..

  2. Val,

    Think about what you are saying. That is almost like supporting granma because you are made about something the herald said!

  3. Dude, I’m changing the effing headline. I mean it! Pick any other team but the effing Jets (or the Bills or the Cowboys). Jesus Mary and Joseph!

  4. GASP! Whatever you do, Val. Vote for Democrats the rest of your life. Become president of the Ana Menendez fan club. Do all that and more.

    But don’t ever ever ever EVER become a Jets fan.

    (This message brought to you by the “J-E-T-S suck suck suck” fan club).

    BTW, Dolphins won’t miss Saban.

  5. How about Huizenga asking for advice from the reporters at the press conference, that was real
    weak. Maybe you guy will hire Schula’s son, ya know he got fired by Alabama this year, that way
    it could be like The Dolphins and Crimson
    Tide traded head coaches.

  6. Jets fan? You don’t know what your getting yourself into. Nick Saban? The Jets had Richie Kotite coaching their team. He of the two tight end offense. Don’t forget Bruce Coslet, Bill Belichik (for five minutes), Herm Edwards (did the Jets a favor when he left), Al Groh (left for a second rate college job). They had a good year this year, but their history says they will always ultimately blow it.

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