The Nic-tator is dead. Long live the Nic-tator

Nick Saban, we hardly knew ya. Thanks for being a homer and reaching for two SEC players in your two first round picks. Thanks for signing a washed up QB with a bum wheel, ruining the Dolphins salary cap for years to come.

The line score on your career as a pro coach 15-17.

Thanks for nothing.

Good luck, members of the Alabama press corps, in dealing with a tyrannical dictator that doesn’t think he should have to answer the tough questions. Oh and Bama fans, don’t worry, if he has even a modicum of success with the Tide, it’ll only be a matter of time before another NFL team comes along and throws even more money in this jackass’ face. I believe that past performance is the best indicator of future performance and Saban has proven one thing in his career: as Jim Mandich says, “he has always chased the buck.”

9 thoughts on “The Nic-tator is dead. Long live the Nic-tator”

  1. I never liked the dude anyway. I’m a die-hard GATOR class of 77…we hate LSU.

    Wonder what Mike Shula is up to ?

  2. btw, karma is a bitch.. ever since they ran The Don the fins have gotten everything they deserve.. Saint Don, pray for us…

  3. i cried when his first wife dorothy died, and i was upset when He remarried.. among the various people my father caddied for as a teen when he lived in miami beach as a teen: meyer lansky and frank sinatra’s father (same group) and joe robbie.. one day we see joe and The Don and my father goes up as a fan, say hi good luck, all that bs, and robbie remembered my dad.. well, years later, when mike shula was at columbus, The Don was there, and i went up to say hi to Him (yeah The Don gets capitalization whenever possible) and remembered my dad and the caddy story.. nicest guy you could ever want to meet.. trust me when i tell you, anyone who has met Him will tel you a similar story..

  4. Can’t understand why ball club owners keep doling out all the$e million$ to these dudes before they ever produce. It’s a lure, I know, but no one gets their ca$h back if they fail, do they? Saban just took his money and ran.

    Good luck to the Tide. They’ll need more than a strong wind and a full moon to return to their glory days with this guy.

  5. My niece married Dan Shula, the Don’s grandson last June. I met the Don at his house the night the engagement was announced. He was seated at the bar and I walked up to him, intoduced myself and said ” Coach, I hope you know Im not leaving here tonight without a picture”. He got up, put his arm over my shoulder and said, Lets go into my office, lots of trophys there, better picture.

    The nicest guy I’ve ever met.

    btw. Daniel, Mary Ann, his wife is a very nice lady.

  6. Val,

    You could become a Philadelphia Eagles fan (or Iggles as we say up north).

    Speaking of Philly, Saban reminds me of Larry Brown, the ex-NBA Coach who always seems to be auditioning for his next job.

    Just call him “Suitcase Saban.”

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