Payback’s a bitch, no asere?

A Cuban Government Tourism entourage was prohibited from staying at the Scandic Edderkoppen Hotel in Oslo as the Parent company, Hilton, had concerns it would be a violation of the US trade embargo:

No room for Cubans

A tourism delegation from Cuba was not allowed to stay at the Scandic Hotel chain’s Edderkoppen Hotel in Oslo because the chain is now American owned.

The Scandic chain was bought up by the American Hilton group in March last year. Due to the US trade boycott of Cuba, the Cuban delegation was turned away from the Oslo hotel.

The Cuban group, which was in Norway to take party in the Tourism Exhibition in Lillestrøm in mid-January, had used the Edderkoppen Hotel in Oslo during their visits over the previous five years. Just before Christmas the Cubans were told that they would have to find a new hotel this year, newspaper VG reports.

I dont want to get into a debate as to the legality of this, but I do know two things:

The Nords Euros apparently have no issues traveling to an island and staying in hotels where certain people arent allowed to stay…


Now those Cuban “delegates” know what it feels like to be a regular Cuban, like their lowly counterparts on said aforementioned island.

Vaya. Tremendo purgante.

Here’s a related post on the official whining.

6 thoughts on “Payback’s a bitch, no asere?”

  1. I rolled into Oslo one night and there wasn’t a room to be had in the whole city, so I and a couple other guys who were on the train found a building in the railyard and curled up to sleep on a slab of concrete. The next morning we were very politely awoken by some policemen and sent on the next train out of town.

    I hope the Cuban delegation was as inventive as their countrymen that build boats to leave their island, and found a slab of concrete to sleep on.

    The cold makes your bones ache.

  2. Write to Hilton and let them know you approve. Their two top communications people:

    North America
    Kathy Shepard, Vice President – Corporate Communications
    Phone: 310 205-7676
    Fax: 310 205-7678

    Linda Bain, Vice President – Communications
    Phone: 44 20 7856 8293
    Fax: 44 20 7856 8463

    More marketing and comm people at this website:

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