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Here’s a pretty good editorial from Marifeli Perez-Stable, in today’s Pennsylvania CentreDaily:

Wanted: economic opportunity


”I promise I won’t give long speeches,” Raúl Castro told a gathering of university students recently. There’s only one commander-in-chief, and no one should copy Fidel’s style.

The Comandante’s policies — not marathon speeches — are the main problem. Ideological battles, revolutionary ethics and true socialism lie at the heart of his legacy. Pluralism, autonomous institutions and markets are anathema. What will Raúl do? Will he muddle through a status quo that hasn’t restored living standards to 1989 levels? Might he resume modest economic reforms or even embrace a radical restructuring?

The tea leaves aren’t saying much yet. The elder Castro is still watching over Cuba, or so says his New Year’s message. Raúl may deem it prudent to tread lightly as the moment of truth approaches. Still, some signals are emerging. A collective leadership is truly taking shape under the younger Castro. An anti-corruption campaign is in progress. Discipline and concrete results seem to be the new catch words. The doble moral — people saying one thing in public while privately believing another — is under attack, again.

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  1. Regarding Maria Felicia “Marifeli” Perez-Stable y Diaz, I merely quoted the FBI debriefing of Cuban intelligence defector Jesus Perez Mendez who said in 1983:
    “ISIDRO GOMEZ and JESUS ARBOLEYA CERVERA, of the ICAP and the DGI, placed MARIFELI PEREZ-STABLE in charge of the CIRCULO DE CULTURA CUBANA. She substituted the deceased LOURDES CASAL, who was DGI. The annual plans of MARIFELI are prepared by the DGI and ICAP. The CIRCULO DE CULTURA CUBANA and the BAM are maintained with funds generated by EDICIONES VITRAL, by way of the sale of books and records that are gifts of the Cuban Culture Ministry and are delivered by ICAP. MARIFELI receives $100 for each tourist that travels to Cuba with the CIRCULO DE CULTURA CUBANA. MARIFELI was infiltrated in the INSTITUTE FOR CUBAN STUDIES of MARIA CRISTINA HERRERA, whose position was made more favorable toward Cuba.”
    Professor Perez-Stable boasts on her FIU web site that: “From the early 1970s until the mid-1980s, she supported the Cuban Revolution. She is neither regretful nor apologetic.”
    Perez-Stable has never explained why she purportedly distanced herself from the Cuban revolution.
    Para haber reconciliación tiene que haber justicia. Para haber perdón tiene que haber arrepentimiento.

  2. That Cuban National Reconciliation Task Force Perez-Stable is a part of is a pretty varied group if you ask me.

    Carlos Alberto Montaner, Enrique Patterson, Pedro Freyre. Interesting mix of ideologies.

  3. Enrique Patterson in president of the Institute of Cuban Studies that Marifeli Perez-Stable infiltrated under orders of the DGI and made its position “more favorable toward Cuba.”
    Montaner called for a “dialogue” with Fidel Castro in the early 1990s. Years earlier, he also named Patricia Gutierrez Menoyo, the pro-Castro daughter of Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, to head his Editorial Playor office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The woman who previously held that post was a member of the pro-Castro Puerto Rican Socialist Party.
    Perez-Stable created the Task Force as an attempt to disguise her pro-Castro background, for which she is unrepentant. She spent more than twenty years publicly denouncing Cuban exiles as “gusanos” and other epithets, and has never apologized. It is bizarre that Patterson, Montaner and others in the Task Force associate with someone like that.

  4. Firefly,
    Montaner writes as fictitiously as his father did with that phony post-mortem letter of Miguel Angel Quevedo in 1969. Montaner alludes in his writings to escaping from “prison” in Havana in 1960, when in reality his father arranged for the release of him and three others from the Torrens juvenile detention center. Also, someone should ask Montaner what he did with the $700 he got in 1963 from selling without permission the machine gun and rocket launcher that belonged to the organization of Cuban exile veterans of Fort Jackson and Fort Knox. These are some of the reasons why Mas Canosa and others do not trust Montaner.

  5. I’m confused!!! … about Who’s Who here … could someone explain or give links with relevant information? It’s a fact that many who at one point supported the revolution, changed their mind once they “lived” the revolution …

    Thanks in advance …
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “To be born in freedom is chance, to grow in freedom is a privilege, and to die in freedom is a responsibility.” ~ Lt. General R. Honore

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