Stop Code Pink

You already know head Pinko Cindy Sheehan and her commie friends are at it again. Code Pink is using the internet to solicit funds for illegal travel to Cuba. Their goal? To shut down Guantanamo. They say it’s to end the inhumane treatment of prisoners, but that’s a lie. They’ve never said one word about the inhumane treatment Cubans endure in castro´s gulag. Code Pink’s sponsorship of trips to Cuba, Venezuela, and Iraq, are not to achieve world peace, but to obstuct the U.S. government´s defense against terroism because these anti-American traitors actively aide and support our enemies. Code Pink leaders Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, and Jody Evans are not pacifists, they’re “revolutionaries” who wish to impose a totalitarian government modeled after fidel castro’s Cuba on the United States.

From Code Pinks website:

Contribute to our delegation’s trip to the city of Guantánamo to protest the prison. Click here to make your donation today!

On January 9, CODEPINK cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans are leading a 15-person delegation to Guantanamo. The delegation will include family members of detainees, former detainees, constitutional lawyers and US peace activists including Cindy Sheehan and Colonel Ann Wright.

This is a violation of U.S. law. Notice when you click to donate you’re directed to a form with different wording. This is a ruse to cover their backs in case the Feds take notice. They’ve previously been caught altering the webpage when things got too hot.

Please donate generously towards the our Campaign to Demand that Congress Restore Habeas Corpus and Repeal the Military Commissions Act.

Please support our efforts! Your contribution will help us build a movement to Shut Down Guantanamo, organize actions and press events and draw attention to the plight of prisoners there.

Use this simple and secure form to make your donation. If you prefer to donate by check please make it payable to CODEPINK/ETINA and mail it to 2010 Linden Ave Venice, CA 90291.

We are a 501-C3 org and your contribution is tax deductible.
Our tax exemption number is: 95-4658841

Last year the Treasury Department halted a planned trip to Cuba with a cease and dissist order. Code Pink complied with the order when they realized it could cost them millions in legal fees. What hypocrites, I don’t see a disclaimer on their web page informing potential donors that supporting illegal travel to Cuba is a violation of U.S. law and may incur heavy fines.

Stop Code Pink, complain to :, and Val posted a list of more contacts here.