How do you say “Alabaooo!” in Brazilian?

Any help translating this from a Brazilian media would be greatly appreciated. The accompanying email, from our man in Brazil Daniel A, states:

…but bottom line is they treated fidel for 6 months for a “terminal illness” (intestinal cancer) under a MIS-DIAGNOSIS by CUBAN DOCTORS. The article mentions – o tratamento de Fidel já é apontado como exemplo do atraso de Cuba na medicina de ponta ….

Hmmm…doctors not up to par? In a communist country?

No puede serrrrrr.

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  1. i got a bunch of team coaches in my office right now, i got a tournament starting tomorrow, but as soon as i get the chance i will translate it for you guys.. in the mean time, try “daniel the veneuelan blogger”, he is brasilian, unless i got my bloggers mixed up…

  2. If this checks out, it should be broadcast worldwide.
    Let it be well known just how corrupt and ineffective the castro medical system really is.
    I wonder how communist leaders settle malpractice claims, lol?
    With a firing squad, or just a single bullet?
    I hope castro, if he is still alive, gets to know that he is dying becuase of the kind of medical care he has inflicted on his people.

  3. the quickie translation

    fidels recuperation, announced in late 2006 created heaedaches in havanna because it causes havanna to admit he (fidel) is a victim of misdiagnosis. (WORLDS BEST HEALTHCARE GIVES A MISDIAGNOSIS)
    fidel underwent treatment for 6 months for terminal illness, related to intestinal cancer (REMEMBER THEY DENIED CANCER) the article here mentions that cuba has one of the harsh dictatorships of the 20th century.. after the spanish doctor found NO signs of malignant tumors, the cuban specialists are in disgrace..
    the article again states the inadequate treatment he received due to misdiagnosis and received the “wrong” medications.. the article perhaps cynically states that cuba is “reknowned” for their medical treatment, but that this episode shows its not all its cracked up to be.. it goes on to say fidels medicine has to be imported because it is not available on the island.. article does NOT state this is due to the embargo!!)
    nothing is certain at this time about fidels recovery, it says again no tumor was found but the spanish doctor did not say WHAT fidel has..
    here is the BIG TIME CHEESE: the doctor was invited by fidelito junior, NOT RAUL
    the rest is filler, what raul has done since he took over

  4. pototo+ that is touched upon somewhat in the article, depending on how you read it..
    because it was this “error” that led fidel to appoint raul leader and remove himself from power.. in the same paragraph where they say that, they point out it was fidelito and NOT raul who asked for this specialist.. they call this fact “curious”

  5. Uhmm… Muito interesante! This starts to look like an Agatha Christie novel. Pass the pop-corn, please!

  6. Still can be disinformation. Anything at this point may be worth more than admitting fidel ain’t coming back.


    Fidel Castro’s recuperation, announced in late 2006, created a headache in Havana because it implied an admission that he had been the victim of a misdiagnosis.

    Fidel was treated for six months for a terminal illness, which was diagnosed as intestinal cancer. The news accelerated the process of succession to one of the world’s longest-lasting dictatorships, and generated speculations, both inside and outside Cuba, regarding possible changes in the regime’s power structure. After Dr. José Luís García Sabrido, a Spaniard, revealed that his examination of Fidel had found no traces of a malignant condition, the team of Cuban specialists who had treated Fidel fell into disfavor, according to sources close to the regime.

    It is Fidel’s misfortune and a palpable fact that an error of diagnosis always leads to an error in treatment. He spent months being medicated with the wrong drugs, not to mention having to undergo a risky operation at age 80. Celebrated for the quality of its public health system, the treatment of Fidel Castro is being pointed to as an instance of Cuba’s backwardness in medicine. Most of the drugs prescribed by Sabrido will have to be imported because they are not available on the island.

    The question now is whether Fidel’s recovery will be of long duration, and if, even without a malignant tumor, he would be able to survive a sudden relapse. The truth is that nothing is certain. Sabrido admitted that he did not find a malignant tumor, but did not offer details of Fidel’s illness.

    Medical errors always produce political ramifications when they involve heads of state. The diagnosis, which is now known to have been wrong, hastened Fidel’s relinquishment of power and the installation of his successor, Fidel’s brother Raúl Castro. Fidel himself led this process. But the curious thing is that the invitation for Sabrido’s visit was not extended by Raúl, but on the initiative of Fidel’s son, Fidelito [Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart], according to a confidential government source.

    Viewed in the light of Sabrido’s diagnosis, special events and conmemorations inspired by the previous diagnosis were shown to have been hastily-conceived. Raúl became a frequent presence on State TV, as if his brother’s death was to occur at any time. He substituted for Fidel at important events, such as at the last session of the National Assembly, Cuba’s parliament, in 2006. He made speeches and showed, little by little, his willingness to assume the functions of maximum leader — but even so, Fidel’s chair was left empty throughout all the legislative sessions.

    Cuban State TV also produced and aired a videotape showing Raúl posed amongst historical images of the Revolution, as he delivered a speech in which he spoke of the commitment “of the Cuban people” to defend “the new fatherland,” the legacy of Fidel and of “Socialism and national sovereignty.”

    Sabrido’s diagnosis gives a new momentum to this process. The return of Fidel to his previous posts is now expected as soon as his health permits. The effect would be to weaken Raúl. At this moment, Havana considers that the so-called transition began with the removal of Fidel and was locked in place by Raúl’s assumption of power.

    Translated by MAT

  8. “I wonder how communist leaders settle malpractice claims, lol?
    With a firing squad, or just a single bullet?”

    It depends on who is the victim of the malpractice.

    If it’s the leader, the doctor gets shot by a firing squad.

    If it’s not the leader, the patient gets shot with a single bullet.

    With a single bullet because we love our people so that we won’t waste money on extra bullets.

    The patient gets shot, not the doctor, for we love our people so that we won’t let malcontents spread false rumours and badmouth our dear people’s wonderful healthcare system.

    Do I qualify for Fidel’s job now, pretty please?

  9. FYI, this story gets mention overnight on globonews, the brasilian cable version of cnn headline news

  10. Raoul is in a heap of trouble.
    I wonder if fidel is thinking about the idea of Raoul guiding the misdiagnosis to…..assist……his dear brother make the transition from life to death?
    The doctors involved may already be dead. If not, it is because they want the evidcence.
    Maybe Cindy can visit the jails those doctors are in and check out what real torture is all about. I love irony.

  11. Raul may want to avoid any airplane flights as he may be disapperared ala Camilo. Could you imagine being one of castro’s doctors? If they live they are surely seeking rafts.

  12. I’m with R S on this one. I do believe they wouldn’t care at this point what is at stake, as long as people believe that the viejo cagalitroso is coming back.

  13. To be honest I don’t believe it.
    I think that the Castro gang blackmailed the Spanish doctor who was probably caught in Cuba doing some really bad stuff (either he was caught with a jinetera or he was caught with mariconerias). So, they made the doctor say that Fidel was recuperating greatly and all that BS.

    Guys, THERE ARE Mal-practices and Mis-diagnoses in the Cuban crap-care I mean health care system, but those are reserved for the Cuban people ONLY and all the shortages and bad sanitary conditions are only suffered by the cuban people.

    Fidel and his gang get the best treatment because they have lots of stolen money to use for themselves, they even have their own private hospitals.

    The thugs in power in the cuban regime are just trying to buy some time until they can find a good hiding place where they won’t be recognized. The Spanish doctor’s statements about Castro’s health is just to buy some time.

    Otherwise they would have shown Fidel already but instead they have to get some dude from Spain to have some “credibility” because Castro is in such bad shape (perhaps dead already) that they can’t even show him on tape.

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