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  1. “Computer activist for peace” — that’s all you have to read to know she’s a loon. Another Cubanita arrepentida. Why is she still here and not enjoying the benefits of the glorious revolution?

  2. The fact that she’s a computer activist for peace and social justice, plus her evident disdain for the Bush family, explain her tribute to her “sheroe”, Cindy Sheehan.
    I don’t know that I would refer to her as a “cubanita” … I think, she wrote this article as a left-wing peace activist first and then added that she was born in Cuba (to an American mother, “of humble heart” – father was not mentioned at all) and left Cuba at 13 (Before the castro revolution) just to “validate” her opinion … I wonder how her life was impacted, if at all, by castro’s communist and oppresive regime. She kept referring to the Cuba of 49 years ago … clearly a very different one from the Cuba of today!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “When a subject is highly controversial… one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one’s audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.”~ Virginia Woolf

  3. I know I posted something about this, but I still have no idea what the she was trying to say. The worst had to be her putting Sheehan in the same category with Jesus, Socrates, Gandi and JANET RENO?!?!?!?!?!?, “whose lives have been a guiding beacon for those in search of truth.”

  4. That is the dumbest, most disconnected thing I have read in a long time!!!

    I agree that one does “see rightly with the heart”, but hers and cindy’s must be malfunctioning.

  5. This has caused me to re-think my position regarding sheehan. I am now so confused. Is she a ditz or a flake or both. And on top of that the so-called cuban authorette may be cuban by birth, but not in her heart. May she become an exhile and go to the cuban utopia where she will never again be allowed to be on the internet.

  6. This woman seems well-intentioned, from what I can gather from the way she writes, but she is either totally misinformed or blinded by an ideology that her mother taught her.

  7. (meaning, if she really cared about moral correctness, she wouldn’t support Cuba.) I would like to think that people do care about morals, she just doesn’t know or understand the facts.

  8. What the….While I have been no fan of Mr. Bush, this visit and this article are so over the top. How can anyone support the article or the visit?

    Ms. Sheehan, let me get this straight, you’re visiting a country with gulags, whose people kill thenselves to leave it, whose, children get rationed milk if any.

    Perhaps you would have preferred if the US just did what Castro has done to many of his foes….”To the Wall…” or get your buddies the Russkies to stick in a few nukes and point them at the US…shoot down a few unarmed planes, ram a few boats…yadda…yadda.

  9. That nutball is definitely not a normie by the non-normie.com definition! And the stupid bitch is probably proud of it.

  10. That article is a true piece of excrement.

    Comparing Janet Reno or Sheehan to Jesus Christ is an insult. Socrates and Ghandi would probably throw up in this “writer’s” presence.

    Janet Reno has no morals, she sent Elian right into Castro’s hands, to live prisoner in an island and to become the puppet of a murderer. Where is the morality in that??!!!
    And Sheehan, well, she already visited Chavez, now she visits the communist regime and I guess her next stop is to go praise North Korea’s dictator and go apologize to Saddam’s tomb for having been judged for all his attrocities and murders.

    Maybe Sheehan should visit Castro’s Guantanamo prison where there are political prisoners who should not be in jail at all, instead of vouching for the terrorist suspects who are getting medical treatment, special toilets and even special food for their taste, while the cuban political prisoners, regular prisoners and even the cuban population lack the proper sanitary conditions, medical treatment, and have no rights whatsoever.

  11. All this Bitch ever wanted for herself was to be in the limelight(she is not confused at all,this is what that pendeja is-un pedaso de mierda).People like this is what’s making this beutiful country of our’s go to shit.Thank God she is not breading anymore(I hope).

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