Code Pinkos dismiss Ladies in White

Forgive me, I’m at work and don’t have time to translate this properly. Cubanet is reporting that commie whore numero uno, Medea Benjamin says that they are not there to protest internal conditions in Cuba, only the violations at Guantanamo, although they do support Human Rights everywhere.

This piece of shit dismisses Martha Roque, who is the real deal, who risks everything to stand up to the regime in Cuba and these spoiled, self-serving whores of Satan won’t take the time to acknowledge the open letter to Sheehan? This shows just what these putas are made of. (Excuse my french, but this is a clean as I can come up with for these bitches. Sorry Val.)

La Habana, 9 ene (EFE).- La delegación pacifista encabezada por la estadounidense Cindy Sheehan no se reunirá con las “Damas de Blanco”, el colectivo de esposas de disidentes presos, ni visitará cárceles cubanas durante su actual viaje a Cuba para exigir el cierre de la prisión de la base norteamericana de Guantánamo.

“Estamos aquí como ciudadanos de Estados Unidos, sintiéndonos responsables por lo que hace nuestro Gobierno”, dijo a Efe Medea Benjamin, de la organización Global Exchange y de “Codepink (código rosa): Mujeres por la paz”, que acompaña a Sheehan en su visita a la isla.

“No estamos aquí para ver los problemas que hay dentro de Cuba sino para protestar por los abusos que se están cometiendo en Guantánamo, aunque defendemos el respeto a los derechos humanos en todo el mundo”, añadió Benjamin, quien dijo desconocer la existencia de una carta abierta de las “Damas de Blanco” dirigida a Sheehan.

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Hat tip to our good friend Stefania

UPDATE (Robert): Here’s the translation of the article, although I’m sure those of you who can’t read Spanish can pretty much figure out what the “Pinkos” are saying:

The pacifist delegation headed by Cindy Sheehan will not meet with the “Ladies In White”, the group of wives of jailed dissidents, nor will they visit Cuban prisons during their current visit to Cuba to demand the closing of the U.S. Guantanamo Naval Base.

“We are here as American citizens, feeling responsible for what our government does”, said Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Ladies For Peace, who is accompanying Sheehan in her visit to the island.

We are not here to see the problems which exist inside of Cuba, but to protest the abuses being committed in Guantanamo, although we defend the respect for human rights throughout the world, added Benjamin, who said she wasn’t aware of the open letter sent by the Ladies in White to Sheehan.

In the open letter which was divulged in Havana on Monday, the Ladies In White, a movement which began in 2003 after the imprisonment of 75 dissidents, asked for a meeting with Cindy Sheehan and urged her to visit any Cuban prison.

Sheehan arrived on Saturday as the head of a large delegation of pacifists critical of Washington’s politics, which will march to the area around the Guantanamo base to demand the closing of the prison there as well as for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The march is scheduled for Thursday, on the 5th anniversary of the prison at Guantanamo, a U.S. base in Eastern Cuba.

Sheehan is accompanied, among others, by Asif Iqbal, who was held at the Guantanamo Base prison for two and a half years, and relatives of Omar Deghayes, currently at the prison.

Four hundred people remain detained in the Guantanamo Base prison awaiting trial, according to official figures.

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  1. Sure! It’s important to raise concerns about what the US is doing, but let’s not bring any attention to the abuses going on in Cuba.

    Is this woman nuts?!?

  2. Code PUKE all of ’em.

    Put them in a burqha insie the Gitmo cells with all the inmates. (Well — most likely none of the inmates will touch ’em). Que hijas de la gran …… son todas.

  3. The epitome of Hypocrisy!!! … and Ziva to continue with your French … “Elles sont vraiment bonne a rien!!! Sans Doute!!
    I knew they would find a way around it. They are not going to support the “Ladies in White” because supporting them would mean taking a stance against the castro’s regime which clearly violates basic human rights … and that would be against their code … that is, their pink code of ethics.

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “I will have naught to do with a man
    who can blow hot and cold with the same breath.” ~ Aesop

  4. This is my letter to the local paper (Corvallis Gazette Times):

    Cindy Sheehan’s denial of support for prisoners of conscience in Castro’s
    jails (who suffer far more than any accused terrorist in Guantanamo)
    despite appeals to do by Las Damas en Blanco (e.g. attracts attention. This circumstance
    may be readily taken to indicate ideological blinkers on the part of Ms.
    Sheehan. Such also inevitably reflects badly on any who support her and
    her cause.

    You may use this if you wish as a letter to the editor

  5. Medea Benjamin has been a pro-Castro activist for more than twenty-six years. She wrote “April in Havana: An Eye-Witness Report” CUBA UPDATE, June 1980.

  6. Cussin’s so much better in German, y’all.

    Diese scheißfressende Dirnen können sich verpißen. castro hat in ihre Gehirne beschißen, und vergaß, umzurühren.

    Oh, was that my outside voice?

  7. Ziva thanks for the info. However I’m not the least bit surprised-that’s exactly what I expected from those dirtbags.

  8. Oh, lets see, I’m willing to admit that maybe we’ve made some mistakes…but to make terror and torture and murder part of your regular conduct like Cuba?

    Oh, maybe..not so much…

  9. Abuses in the name of socialism don’t count in their eyes. The blew the argument that they are there legally because they are a human rights group. Clearly, they are nothing of the kind.

  10. Omar, I knew they would ignore it, but their condescending tone is so insulting. They really believe that they answer to no one, oozing with that trademark leftist arrogance; I know it’s not going to happen but God I would love to see some feds waiting for them when they return.

  11. They can’t go to the Cuban prisons because it would just destroy their little bubble world in which the US is the worst of everything.

  12. Since this whole Gitmo controversy began; I’ve thought about the irony of the entire thing.

    To say that terroists at Gitmo are being mistreated and to know that Cuban prisoners are starved, beaten, humiliated, and constantly abused just boggles the mind. There seems to be a collective double standard when it comes to anything Cuban.

    The Gitmo group has gained weight since entering the prison.

    When you compare these prisoners’ diets to the average Cuban diet, it becomes even more ironic.

    cindy and her group should look around them and make their comments anywhere but Cuba.

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