Coño! Carajo! Me cago en la mierda!

My old man is scheduled for a catherization procedure tomorrow to try to alleviate some minor arterial blockage. Ill be taking him and mom to the hospital tomorrow at the crack of dawn so I will not be posting much.

Since the hospital is near my home, I drove my truck over to my parents house today so they could pick me up on the way and then I could drive them home in their car after the procedure, take care of whatever needed to be taken care of and then drive either back to work or home afterwards in my truck.

The Mrs picked me up at their house tonight and we went out to dinner on the way home. After dinner, we stopped for gas and as I started to pull out of the gas station, her car had absolutely no steering. It seems the power steering system has a leak somewhere and all the fluid is seeping out.

It’s 9:22 pm and I am heading out with flashlights to try to determine the source of the power steering leak. Hopefully it will be something as simple as a loose hose.

Ordinarily, troubles with my wife’s car would be a major worry and cause for loss of sleep. And Im sure I wont be getting much sleep tonight, but it certainly wont be because of power steering.

Please keep my old man in your thoughts and prayers, folks.

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  2. My Grandmother had a heart attack and had one of those balloon angioplasties——in 1989. She has had catheterizations, etc since.

    She died last year. Only at the end did she take her sneakers off and slow down.

  3. Val, your father is our thoughts and prayers. He’ll be fine, and don’t worry about Babalu, we will all be here when you get back. Take care.

  4. My prayers go out to your old man and your family.

    And to nospinszone1 I am glad I am your side (at least I hope I am).

  5. Val,

    As Nospinzoe1 said, those things are routine these days. The doctors can do ’em with their eyes closed, and things work out great. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Val,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Good luck! Think positive!
    God Bless and protect your papi!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.” ~ Unknown

  7. Tranquilo mi hermano. All will turn out well. Your Dad is in my families prayers and San Lazaro will see him through.
    Tranquilo y Fe.

  8. Belated prayers and best wishes for your papa’s prompt recovery; may 2007 treat us all in a kinder and gentler way.

  9. The “greatest generation” has a tendency to stay on our minds…they worried about us a long time ago, and now we worry about them. I was delighted to meet both your parents last spring. I said a short prayer for your dad. Hope all is working out OK.

  10. Val. You are lucky your dad takes care of his health, I wish mine did he would still be here. I will send a prayer for your family tonight.

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