Cuba accuses the U.S. of robbery

Remember the multi-millions awarded to the two families who sued the State of Cuba for killings that took place soon after the Bay of Pigs? The award was paid from Cuban assets frozen by the U.S. in the wake of castro’s confiscation of U.S. property in Cuba.

Cuba has never compensated the U.S. for the stolen property, just like they ‘ve never paid back the billions they borrowed from every country dumb enough to extend them credit. Just like they stole everything from the Cuban people in the name of the revolution. Every single bank account, home, and business, everything became the property of the state by castro’s decree. In Cuba, the stinking state rations everything, food, clothing, shelter, they claim ownership of every single thing; your children, even your brain is the property of fidel–after all the state indoctrinated you, educated you..

Now the shoes on the other foot, and Cuba is squealing like a stuck pig.

The Cuban government accused the United States of robbery after Washington drew money from two Cuban bank accounts to pay compensation to relatives of former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) staff, the Cuban newspaper Granma reported on Wednesday.

Cuba said the U.S. government took more than 170 million U.S. dollars from the accounts of the National Bank of Cuba and the Cuban Telecommunications Company, which were frozen by then U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

“Neither the U.S. government nor its courts have the authority to hand over funds to terrorist groups or relatives of U.S. citizens involved in attacks against this Island,” said a statement of the Cuban Foreign Ministry which was published by Granma.

Janet Ray Weininger and Dorothy Anderson McCarthy, children of two former CIA agents, received compensation after the U.S. federal courts upheld earlier verdicts against the Cuban government for the “wrongful” killing of their fathers, Thomas Willard Ray and Howard F. Anderson.

Cuba denied the charges, calling them “spurious blackmail.” The Cuban Foreign Ministry said Anderson had been executed for his participation in an operation to smuggle guns to rebels, and Ray died during U.S.-Cuba fighting.

Payback can be a bitch, just imagine if they had to anti-up for every single victim of the 48 year revolution.

The story is here.

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  1. My message to Cuba regarding this matter:

    Screw you Cuba! The USA should take all your frozen assets and give it all a way and use it to fund human rights groups that are against KKKuban communism.

  2. Let us remember that this money belongs to the Republic of Cuba, not to the Castro brothers. Satisfying as it is to see them deprived in theory of these frozen dollars which they would never have gotten in the first place, let us not forget that it is the Cuban people which is paying this outrageous bill.

    The families of CIA officers who are killed in the line of duty should be paid compensation by their own government. No one is requiring the Iraqi government to pay compensation to Americans killed during or after the war; nor were Iran’s frozen funds used to compensate American CIA agents kidnapped or killed by the Iranian government.

    What I find especially objectionable is that only U.S. citizens killed by Castro are entitled to be compensated from the frozen accounts of the Cuban Republic. His Cuban victims count for nothing.

    This was demonstrated when Pablo Morales’ family was not allowed to sue for compensation in U.S. courts because he was not a U.S. citizen. The families of the other Brothers to the Rescue killed by Castro received hundreds of millions from the frozens funds. Pablo’s family received not a cent. The survivors of the other victims offered Pablo’s mother some pittance, which this lady, a true heir of Maceo’s mother, refused. It is such Cubans which still give me hope that all is not lost.

  3. Manuel, I’m sorry it’s taken me all these hours to respond to your comment; I was at work. I put this post up with the idea of pointing out the Cuban regime’s hypocrisy and lies. Yes, the money belongs to the Cuban people, but unfortunately, in this world, standing governments are accepted as representative of their people. Obviously this should not be the case when it comes to fidel and Cuba. He was never elected and the regime in Cuba is illegitimate. I’m glad these families received compensation; their doing so does not negate the claims of those who didn’t. How could you measure the loss of fathers, husbands, and sons and decide whose pain is greater? I cannot, every single victim of castro’s tyranny deserves compensation and justice. After 48 years, that loss is staggering, and if measured by human suffering, incalculable…As for the law, it’s better than nothing. Victims of terror have a means to seek some justice, even if flawed. Mankind puts to paper laws, with boundaries, and rules. These are inadequate in the face of horrendous evil like fidel castro. I sensed that my post somehow may have caused you pain, if so, please except my apology, that’s the very last thing I would want. Ziva

  4. Ziva:

    You are quite right: the money does belong to the Cuban people. There is not much of it and it is the only money that they can count on once Cuba regains her freedom.

    Should this money be dispersed in $100 million chunks to the descendents of isolated victims? Castro’s Cuban victims — of which there are millions — have never received one cent of compensation for their travails. Why, then, should all the monies available to a free Cuba be expended in compensating a handful of victims because they happen to hold U.S. citizenship? Is an American life worth $100 million and a Cuban life nothing?

    Ray and Anderson served their country nobly and their children should be compensated for their service by their country, as doubtless they were at the time of their deaths. If they desired additional compensation they should have sued their father’s murderer, Fidel Castro, whose $1 billion personal fortune has never been touched. Instead, they in effect sued the Cuban people.

    A few more $100 million raids and there will be nothing left. And this does pain me, Ziva. Castro “re-distributed” the wealth of Cuba to himself and his cohorts; and now the U.S. is completing his work by “re-distributing” the only remnant left of it to its own nationals.

  5. Manuel, you ask, “Is an American life worth $100 million and a Cuban life nothing?”. Of course not, although based on the treatment and slander Cuban exiles have been subjected to, you’d think that was so. The attitude presented by the so-called peace activists in Cuba protesting Guantanamo affirm that. Personally, I think the U.S. owes Cuba big time for their complicity with the castro regime, both in seating him, and insuring his longevity.

  6. Ziva:

    Your noble impulse to do justice to all of Castro’s victims is commendable. However, justice cannot be done to a select few while the great mass receive no justice at all.

    Imagine, Ziva, if some less-than-friendly-nation (let’s say, Venezuela) decided to freeze American assets and then proceeded to re-distribute those monies to the descendents of American slaves as “reparations” (something, incidentally, that would be right up Chavez’s alley).

    It is my belief that if you didn’t actually feel the lash across your back you are not entitled to be compensated for it.

    In Cuba’s case, there are millions alive today who have actually felt that lash. Let them be compensated before the victims’ descendents at least.

  7. Manuel you said, “In Cuba’s case, there are millions alive today who have actually felt that lash. Let them be compensated before the victims’ descendents at least.”

    I completely agree. How could anyone think otherwise? Somehow, the “lashing” has to stop, and the castro family must be held accountable. That fidel is going to die a natural death with bank accounts intact is an obscenity.

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