7 thoughts on “Venezuela begins its descent to hell”

  1. When I heard that “patria, socialismo o muerte”, I said, here we go again. But hey, he was elected.

    God help venezuela, and all the ignorants that voted for him. Nationalizing phone and electricity? please, the best thing ever to happen to Puerto Rico’s telecommunications was privatization.

  2. Desgraciadamente, los Venezolanos, como Pepito, van a aprender lo que es el socialismo en realidad…
    Papi. ¿Cómo está organizada la sociedad en el socialismo?
    Te lo explicaré con un ejemplo: Aquí en la casa yo sería el partido, tu mamá la justicia, tú el pueblo, la criada la clase trabajadora y tu hermanito el futuro.
    Al siguiente día por la mañana, Pepito le dice a su papá:
    Papi. Mira a ver si ya entendí: Anoche, mientras el partido se templaba a la clase trabajadora, la justicia dormía, el pueblo era ignorado y el futuro estaba lleno de mierda.

  3. so these two venezuelan businessmen are talking about chavez, business, the future.. they are uncertain of what to do next.. one guy finally says “well, my best bet is to go to cuba and open shop there”.. “cuba!?!, why the hell would you do that” replies the other.. “well,” says the first man, “here, the socialist revolution is starting, but there its ending”..

  4. Every article I read on Chavez raves about his overwhelming support by the people, and his last “landslide victory.” Landslide …. that’s a good name for what’s coming to the country.

    God help them. May some of the men grow some nuts and take this indio imbecil out.

  5. It seems that my access to several sites including some at the Miami Herald (gag!!) and your link :Chavez promises a socialist Venezuela…” are blocked by a screen full of what appear to me to be chinese characters (e.g. ????????????´)…..

  6. It’s very sad, but Venezuela has and will get pretty much exactly what it asked for (on several occasions). All anyone should have needed to avoid supporting Chavez was to take one good look at him and/or listen to him for a few minutes. I’m sure there was serious ignorance involved, but I’m afraid there were also rather worse (and far less excusable) things at play. God help them.

  7. One thing you guys have not talked about is Chavez’s constant mention of Simon Bolivar. He feels he’s the new Bolivar, and I think he’s planning on annexing (taking over) Colombia and Ecuador as they once existed, the “Gran Colombia.”

    He continues to support the leftist guerillas in Colombia and has a new leftist buddy in Ecuador’s new president.

    All he needs to complement his new order of Russian fighter planes, AK47 plant is Chinese help.

    Talk about an explosive situation in our backyard.

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