Now it’s che Cola

It just keeps recrudescing like a bad fungus. Now some FRENCH company has come out with some kind of putrid concoction called ‘che Cola’ and declares it will give 50% of its profits to sleazy NGOs to do their damage. The whole thing disgusts me.

iNo Pasaran! has the scoop about this liquid murderer along with his appropriate commentary here.

Hat Tip: Fausta, who’s always on top of it.

9 thoughts on “Now it’s che Cola”

  1. Mora,

    Thanks for sharing! one more absurdity . . . can’t stop counting them …

    Sure … by the time they calculate “Net profit” … the 50% will more likely become .001% … like stated, this must be a marketing gimmick! What happened to original ideas in marketing?

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.” ~ Zen proverb

  2. The French are probably using Che’s original Cuban formula. After Coca-Cola was expropriated in Cuba in 1960, the owners left with the original formula. Che, as Minister of Industries took over, and a new formula was created. I recall that afterwards, no two Cuban Cokes ever tasted the same.

  3. Do you really think, professor, that the French will imbibe any kind of cola, even one sanctioned by “Che” Guevara? In a land where wine coolers are regarded as an abomination, can caramelized water find any favor? I should think much less of them if it does, and I really don’t think much of them now.

    The last coca beverage that found favor there was Martí’s beloved Vin Mariani, a suspension of Bourdeaux wine and cocaine, which was endorsed by thousands of eminent physicians, including Dr. Betances, as the greatest wonder of the age. The inventor, Mariani, was knighted by Pope Leo XIII, who always carried a flask around his neck. To this miraculous elixir Martí attributed his amazing energy in those crucial last years of his life (a friend who knew him at that time commented that he “ate like a sparrow, climbed stairs like a squirrel and that night to him was the same as day”).

  4. Only 50%? A real communist cola would give all of the proceeds to the government and pay its employees with ration cards.

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