8 thoughts on “<i>24</i> starts on four minutes…”

  1. The difference between dieing for nothing or dieing for something!
    Sounds like what the congress has to decide about Iraq!


    brasil is still showing “yesterday” im a season behind you!!

  3. Great two first episodes! I can’t wait to see the ones on tonight. Rumor has it that if you’ve watched the show at least the last two seasons, you’ll be shocked. Don’t know what that means, but I’ll be watching anyway.

  4. At the rsik of being eaten alive here, I just dont see what all the hoopla over 24 is about. Everything seems so over the top that I find it hard to swallow.

    not to mention that it’s basically just a telenovela in English.

  5. Val,

    The hoopla is the suspense and the fact that nobody in the show is guaranteed to survive, except of course for the main character.

  6. A telenovela… with AK-47s, M-16s, H-Ks, nukes, Huey attack choppers, high-tech gadgets, guns, explosions, machine-guns, guns. Did I mention guns? The suspense is what makes the show so great. It is over the top and that is why it’s so good!

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