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From Liz Balmaseda at the Palm Beach Post, quoting Bonnie Anderson:

“Castro wrote two articles refuting me. I was not allowed to return to Cuba for two decades,” says Bonnie, now 51. Even more drastic than that, the Cuban government dug up her father’s remains and threw them out. She found out when she returned to Cuba during Pope John Paul II’s visit to the island in 1998.

“I added a day of travel to Pinar del Rio to see my father’s grave. I had taken pictures when I went there the first time. But this time I was just confounded. Where was the grave? All I saw was a deep hole in the ground,” she recalls. “The caretaker was the same old man I had seen 20 years earlier. He recognized me. He was so embarrassed. He told me he was forced to throw out my father’s remains. It was right after my first trip. I could tell it hurt him to do so.”

And this quote from Janet Ray Weininger:

“And while the whole world was focused on Alan Shepard being launched into space, my family wasn’t. It was at this point that I came to understand what pure evil was. It comes upon you like a fog. I saw Fidel Castro on television and I knew that this was evil. I’d never seen a military man strike his arms and scream like he was doing.”

Read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Today’s must read”

  1. Heartbreaking indeed and I am glad she got some type of compensation which obviously will never be enough for the loss of a loved one murdered, but I must say this doesn’t hurt castro a bit.
    He was never going to get the money back anyway.
    This decision to me is just a symbolic bone tossed out to appease those of us who want castro gone. You can reward all the very well deserved compensation and castro will still be there. This also has nothing to do with the former discussion regarding “separating families”.Everyone knows that it is ultimitely castro’s fault that we are separated from our loved ones in Cuba. I just hope that we are not pacified with decisions that will not do anything to remove castro. This is not to stir controversy this is just to clarify. As I daid before I am glad they got what they got, but castro is still there and we are still here.

  2. btw, what that man did so bravely to get executed for is truly what is necessary to remove castro.
    He is a hero.

  3. Val,

    Great story. But no amount of money can replace a father. As you know from your recent medical issues with your Dad.

    God bless those two women, as well as you and your Father.

  4. This is a very hard story to read. If only everyone would read this Castro would not have a single supporter not on his payroll. Once we shove these incompetent greedy fools from power a monument must be constructed to the lost Cubans who have been drowned trying to escape, disappeared by Castro or officially executed by the tyrant so these victims will never be forgotten. Everything castro must be throw into the sea!

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