Esta es tu caca, fidel!

The recent report from Spanish newspaper El Pais regarding the health – or lack thereof – of fidel castro has sparked the usual onslaught of speculation, theories, arguments, debates and the ever present bevy of local South Florida reporters rushing to El Versailles restaurant on Calle Ocho for their average “Cuban on the street” interviews.

Undoubtedly, the rumor mill will be spinning at lightning speed for the rest of the day and week. And we’ll hear everything from “castro is already dead” to “he’ll be back up and dictating in no time.”

Personally, Im of the opinion that the dictator has already kicked the bucket, with his brother’s government more than a little concerned about the consequences and in full media control mode. I may be wrong, of course, but all information we’ve received regarding the status of fidel castro’s health has been second hand. Historically, rumors of fidel castro’s impending death have been dispelled with physical appearances by the dictator.

It’s true that he may be in such ill health that he cant make such an appearance, but I doubt it. Even if the Cuban government had to prop him up like a scarecrow to take a few photos of the “recovering lider maximo”, they would have done so already.

Of course, you never know when it come to fidel castro and his government. For all we know they have been priming us for months, letting us speculate til we’re all blue in the face about the dire health and possible death of the dictator, only to show him dancing a jig at La Plaza de la Revolucion.

As I’ve stated many many times: we may never know the truth and we will only find out that castro is dead when the Cuban government is good and ready.

Still, though, this latest report about the diverticulitis and subsequent peritonitis is, how shall I say, quite ironic. Cubans have always maintained that fidel castro was full of shit and now we may have actual proof. Not to mention how poetically just it is that shit be his ultimate demise.

Esta si es tu caca, fidel.

Update: Now, here are photos of the funeral of one Cuban in particular, dissident Miguel Valdez Tamayo, whom we know for certain is dead. It was, after all, fidel castro and his government that killed him.

17 thoughts on “Esta es tu caca, fidel!”

  1. Castro is dying the death which I would not wish on a dog, but which I am glad that God has seen fit to visit on him.

  2. Isn’t it odd that the Spanish doctor/jinetero is so concerned regarding defending castro’s doctors.
    I would love to know just what it is that castro has on the doctor or if the doctor just loves socialism.

  3. Thinking about his abdominal cavity filling with caca, the phrase “eat shit and die” comes to mind, works for me.

  4. Great title to your post Val!!! He has gone full circle from esta es tu casa to esta es tu caca fidel!!! Hahaha, que se muera from an explosion of his shit and let it splatter on raulita and all his other huele culos!!!

  5. i understand all the shit (no pun intended) people want to dump on the doctor, but remember, hes a doctor, its his job, without prejudice, to treat the patient as best he can.. i remember i was speaking with a us official once, he was withthe detail that kept tabs on fidel when he visited the us, and he mentioned the cadre of german doctors that were accompanying fidel, he said that they had cuban-american doctors who would “look” at fidel and try to diagnose him.. boredom got to them and one said that if he had a high powered rifle hed take a shot.. a heated argument broke out amongst themselves to the point that the agents had to step in, because one of them said they were “beholden” to their oath of treating fidel should he be injured or sick or any situation requireing medical attention..

  6. Personally, the problem I have with the Spanish doctor is NOT that he went to Cuba to treat kagasstro, but that he has behaved like a tool afterwards. If he had simply said: Yes, I examined him and I can’t comment on his condition, that would have been OK by me. Instead, he said he couldn’t comment BUT that kagasstro doesn’t have cancer and is recovering and blah, blah, blah. This is not how a professional would handle the situation. This is how a tool would handle it. Now, like pototo above, I wonder whether the good doctor is a devoted commie or whether kagasstro has compromising movies from one of the doctor’s sexcapades to the island paradise. But, either way, the doc is a tool.

  7. So it begins – fifo’s slow and agonizing descent into hell – that is if he hasn’t already arrived and is currently trying to stay afloat in a pot boiling shit

  8. If he had been operated in Europe in the first place, Castro would be alive today (or less dead). In the end he fell victim to his own propaganda about Cuba being “a Third World country with a First World medical system.” Cuba’s “doctors” are no better than taselled orderlies and entrusting his life to them necessarily meant forfeiting it. Perhaps Castro was in no condition to make that decision. Raúl and the rest certainly were. If we add these reports to other recent ones purporting that Castro was originally misdiagnosed by his Cuban physicians, we must conclude that Cuban medicine, the most advanced sectors of which were geared to such an emergency, has failed its only real test —extending Castro’s life expectancy.

  9. Years of pata negra ham empaled that old bastard _ would have been better off slopping the mush he fed his poor slaves. QUE SE HOGA EN SU PROPIA MIERDA, EL BUEN CABRONASO ASESINO. SE LLAMA JUSTICIA, Y COMO DUELE!!!!!!!!! QUE SE REVIENTE COMO SU SACO DE MIERDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dead, or almost dead, it doesn’t much matter. Fidel has reached the point of irrelevancy to Cuba’s present or future. The concensus seems to be that it is not cancer. It doesn’t matter. A very complicated case of diverticulitis with “at least” three failed operations and an 80 year old patient who is still recovering after six months sure does guarantee a “grave” prognosis (pun intended).

    The important question then becomes: Now what for Cuba? Where to we go from here? Once we stop focusing on fidel, how do we ensure freedom and democracy? What concrete steps can we, as Cuban-Americans who love our country, take to bring a quick end to the repression and lack of freedom?

  11. Lori:

    Anything is possible amongst that clique of psychopaths surrounding Castro; he set the tone and they all follow. Certainly Raúl could never have ascended to power under more auspicious circumstances. What could have been a risky and problematic succession has occurred effortlessly thanks to Castro’s fortuitous illness. How “fortuitous” that illness was is indeed subject to conjecture.

    It was in Raul’s interest to have a weakened Fidel but not quite one at room temperature yet. After more than 6 months, Fidel may well have outlived his usefulness as a stageprop and be promoted to a waxwork.

  12. And the old bastard bestowed the promise of free health care and education PARA TODO EL MUNDO!!! Muchisimas gracias al gran equipo de los mejores doctores de Cuba. Unos tratamientos mas y logran lo que Batista no tubo los cojones de hacer.

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