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  1. This line from Res Ipsa Loquitur should be reproduced here:

    “Not quite ‘gut shot & left in a mud hole to die’, but it’ll do.”

  2. My own take is here. If he isn’t dead, then he’s pretty close – but until we see his body on a slab, these reports are going to be speculation since the Cuban thugs aren’t exactly going to let anyone know what is going on until they’ve got their talking points figured out.

  3. So everyone is waiting for Castro’s demise. Yawn. So everyone is waiting for the new regime’s talking points. Yawn.

    What is curious is that I don’t hear any talking points (action plan) from those that oppose another fifty years of goons running Cuba. Yawn.

  4. We Cubans have been living inside f cagastro’s intestines for almost 50 years. I can’t wait to get out.
    It occured to me the other day that one reason people only earn 12 pesos or so a month is because that are being taxed at a rates of about 98%, figuratively and literaly. The elite cp members and sycophants, who will have to answer for their collective collaborative sins sooner or later, enjoy the benifits of this criminal tax rate; with schools, jobs, and perks, while that vast majority of non elite common people, have to resover and live without hope of ever being free to move about without permission. It is an evil horrible system that many leftist here in the states and throughout the world think is some kind of ideal. One more thing while I am venting, hugo’s talk of nationalism and socialism was called the Nazi party in the 1930’s. The word Nazi is the German abreviation of national socialism.

  5. You got that right Kenko. In the end, all communist dictatorships turned out to be nationalistic. While preaching internationalism, they’ve been nothing but a bunch of nazis.

  6. Hi everybody!

    I have no faith in things getting better in Cuba, and no plan (-Ray-) for a new beginning. I can’t help, though, feeling happy about the news.

    Granted, is not the perfect scenario…I would prefer to see castro share the same faith as saddam hussein.

  7. I have posted a definition of diverticulitis on urbandictionary.com. It names a certain comemierda as an example of someone with this condition.

  8. I remember, when I was a youngster in Cuba, we would try to come up with silly nicknames for El H. de la Gran P. sometimes using Japanese-sounding fake names with double meanings. E.G. Tekita Tujama… In the same spirit and in view of El Coma Andante’s current predicament, I propose: Mekonsume Mikaka.

  9. Curious that when Fidel gets sick, he requires foreign doctors to treat him. Whatever happened to the vaunted Cuban Health System? I guess some people are more equal that others.

    Keep up the superb work, Babalu!

  10. Miguel, Marta & Gigi

    Great ones … hard to follow … LOL

    How about: “Nikolon Nipulso Tokaka”

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Only those who spread treachery, fire, and death out of hatred for the prosperity of others are undeserving of pity.” ~ Jose Marti

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