Granma, and I dont mean your Nana

La Contra Revolucion has two great posts on the Cuban “press” that are must reads.

First there’s “Hail the Humbugs” where El Gusano takes on the Miami Herald and Cuba’s misinformation machinery at all once:

Let’s try to get past that there’s actually an Ideology Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.(I know it’s hard, but let’s)

What did the “chief ideologue” actually say?

He called for:

the ”dissemination of the truth of Cuba,”

Ahh! “The truth of Cuba”. Not the TRUTH, but The truth “of Cuba”, as defined by the “Truth Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.”?

And then he continues with the “Dissemination of the Truth of Cuba Continues“:

They can’t report. They don’t know anything. They’re mushroom propagandists. They’re kept in the dark and fed crap and rumor has it that there’s a fresh supply of that in Havana these days and newspapers that are only good for wiping it off.

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  1. An odd thing is happening at my computer,

    When I try to log on to the Miami Herald:

    at best I get the first page

    then if I try to access any news I get a page full of what seem to be chinese characters.

    My computer uses Mozilla

    and every day I use constantly updated Norton
    and Spybot “antivirus” software.

    I do get through to the Nuevo Herald

    Does anybody else have the same problem or know the cause of such please advise at

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