4 thoughts on “I need a mosquitero, pa’ dormir bien.”

  1. From the article, under the subheading “NO FISSURES”:

    “The key issue is how Cuba’s one-party system is coping without Castro at the helm, [an anonymous U.S. official] said. He added no “fissures” had appeared so far, while Castro is still formally president.”

    Does he mean no anal fissures? Because if he does, he’s wrong.

    Isn’t it curious that this unnamed U.S. official uses “fissures” metaphorically to describe the balance of power in Cuba?

    Fissure is a word that is almost never used except in connection with the anus.

    Apparently, any and every aspect of Fidel’s life, whether medical or not, is now referenced to his anus.

  2. Val,

    Hope you can find el mosquitero … this article served its purpose … “tremendo purgante” … so I can pass on the Pepto tonight!

    “Raul seems to be faring pretty well without Fidel,” said Julia Sweig, an expert on Cuba at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank in Washington. “There are no signs of instability”

    Here’s a joke for Ms. Sweig … in Spanish since she’s an expert on Cuba … I wonder why there are no signs … 🙂 I wish you well, Melek
    Estaban tres cubanos sentados en un banco de una plaza en La Habana y en determinado momento, uno de ellos lanza un largo suspiro desesperanzado.
    Al rato, el que estaba al lado, emite un suspiro igual de desolacion. Alterado y nervioso el tercero se para, mira nervioso hacia todos lados y les dice preocupado: – Por favor muchachos, ¡no hablemos de politica en publico!

    “When the government fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the Government, that is tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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