Nickelodeon pimping che guevara

Reader Rob D. sent me the following email:

First off I’d like to say great job with the blog, I’ve been reading it for some time now and I visit it reapetedly throughout the day. That being said, I’m a 32 year old American-born Cuban. I’m married and have 2 little girls, one who’s almost 4 and the other almost 2. We watch a ton of children’s programing and I could swear that tonight I saw the absolute lowest of the low. Nickelodion has been promoting a new show called the Naked Brothers Band about 2 little kids who start a band. these guys can’t be older thann 12 or 13. I could swear that one of them in the comercial is wearing a Che shirt with a Cuban flag on it! Plase post and ask if anyone else has seen this. I am 99% sure I saw it but it was a quick clip and I was so shocked I almost came out of my seat. I feel like there must be something we can do about this. I was very impressed with the speed in which the word got out there about the Target stores and the quickness of the results. Anyway, hope you can post about this and thanks alot for your time.

To be honest, I was skeptical. But unfortunately, Nickelodeon’s “Naked Brothers Band” kids show is, indeed, pimping the Butcher of la Cabaña:


Ive been unable to find an email contact form for Nickelodeon, but here’s their address and phone number:

1515 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 258-6000

Take a few minutes and give the Nickelodeon people a quick history lesson.

Update: Here’s an email address, courtesy of reader Wilfredo:

7 thoughts on “Nickelodeon pimping che guevara”

  1. The “Naked Brothers Band?” I’m sure there’s more to the name than meets the eye. Still, it would hardly surprise if pedophiles did indeed gravitate to a “kid’s station.”

    That said, let me make a few observation on the picture itself. The boy in the “Che” tee-shirt is also wearing an American flag as a bandanna. I doubt the VFW would approve. He is also carrying a green glass bottle that no soft drink is sold in. The bottle is either a liquor bottle, or a prop used because it resembles a liquor bottle.

    Now, finally, to the “Che” tee.

    [Actually feeling ill at this moment, I’ll post this comment and return later with my observations on the “Che” tee].

  2. Offensive as it is to see anyone wear a “Che” tee shirt, it is doubly offensive when a child is forced to don one. I got the same feeling when I saw a child dressed in the costume of the Ku Klux Klan on a talk show which featured “the children of the Klan.” What we are seeing here is child abuse. There is no other way to characterize it.

    Here is the original press release for “The Naked Brothers Band.” Please note that it is produced by “Worldwide Biggies, Inc., which targets the family entertainment, animation and teen markets.” Its president/CEO is someone named Hecht, who created Spike TV, “the first network for men.”

  3. I’m so glad we don’t have cable. Just look at that photo. Even without the che shirt, those boys look shameful.

  4. I hate it when I see a kid wearing a che shirt because I can’t tell them anything. If it’s an adult wearing the shirt, then I can come up with some wise remark (“do you like all murderers, or is it just this one?”) –

    I remember taking my daughter for her Ice Skating lessons and seeing a teenage boy wearing one of those…not much one could do!

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