Agustin Blazquez Sounds Off

Frustrated by the left’s control of the media, by their obvious double standard when it comes to Cuban-Americans, sick of the political correctness that suppresses free speech, and sick of lying hypocrites, Agustin Blazquez tells us why he is “Unbalanced”.

From Guaracabuya, an excerpt:

The American Film Institute (AFI) in Silver Spring, Maryland, said that my documentary about 5-year old Elian Gonzalez – the child that miraculously reached the south Florida shores while his mother gave her life for him to have freedom in America – was “too controversial.” However, they immediately choose to show Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” over and over. I guess an anti-U.S., anti-war and anti-President movie was not controversial in their twisted minds full of “pure intellectual shit.”

The AFI’s bozo, made the mistake to make that statement to my face thinking that I would take it lightly, which was not the case. I gave him hell in his very own little office and told him how Cuban American filmmakers feel about it. Later, he lied and denied what he said. I am “unbalanced” but not crazy.

Film festivals and other venues systematically reject my documentaries about Cuban issues. And I am not alone. I am just one more Cuban American reject. This is part of our history in this “land of freedom.”

That’s why I don’t even bother to send submissions to film festivals, because they take my money up front and then they reject me. To hell with them! I only show my films in festivals and other venues where I am invited because of the merits of my work. If anyone wants to take up that battle for my documentaries, let me know.

Cuban Americans can do and say whatever we want, but the censors of the left don’t let us play and don’t let us offer a different viewpoint to the American people to insignificantly try to “balance” the barrage of pro-Castro propaganda present in the U.S. media and academia.

On PBS, of course, we cannot even try. They are a lost cause and a bastion of the left.

Ed Koch, three-time elected Mayor of New York City who, like me, isn’t “politically correct”, said in his published New Year’s Resolutions, “I will no longer lend financial support to New York’s Channel Thirteen public television station. That station recently showed a documentary that was blatantly biased against Israel and has refused to acknowledge the bias to try to correct it.”

Cuban Americans are constantly subject to that and no one of any importance complains about it.

On November 28, 2006, I received a very decent letter (I say so because the person was really very nice and I appreciate the answer) of rejection of my documentary “The Rats Below” from a well-known television channel.

Among other things, the letter said, “The subject is intriguing, however, and includes some great sound bites from seemingly very knowledgeable sources. What might be problematic for most broadcast and cable networks is that the film includes no one representing the side of the company, or Elian’s family. Without that, there may be some issues of fairness.”

About “Elian’s family” I have Delfin Gonzalez, Elian’s great uncle in the U.S.

About “includes no one representing the side of the company” and the issue of “fairness,” I’ve yet to see a documentary or film about the Holocaust, the Nazis, Hitler or about apartheid in South Africa or about Chile’s Augusto Pinochet (and the list goes on) that shows the other side.

Read “Why I am Unbalanced”, here.

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  1. Fantastic Article. Many of my non-Cuban friends have leaned the reality of the Cuban people through material that has been produced BY Agustin Blasquez. Agustin Blasquez, CUBANO CIENTO POR CIENTO!

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