19 thoughts on “Kill me now.”

  1. Pipo, I quit on New Years. It took 30 hours till I ingested my first Marlboro Light (Cough Cough). I cant comprehend how I willingly introduce deadly poisons into my body. Yet, I wear my seatbelt and drink diet coke.???????

  2. I quit, after numerous tries. One day I woke up and thought, who’s in control here, me or the cigs? When you’re ready to quit, you will.

  3. Keep trying, Val. Nobody does it the first shot. There are certain vitamins you can take that absolutely kill all cravings, I am a sugar addict and they sure got rid of mine. I will go find some likely candidates that do it.

  4. Val,

    Again, easier said than done, but just get back on track … good luck! How about printing different quotes or facts on smoking and placing them in strategic locations … to deter you from “lighting-up”?

    “Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.”

    “The cigarette does the smoking – you’re just the sucker.”

    “Smoking is pulmonary rape.”

    “One thousand Americans stop smoking every day – by dying.”

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can’t find your cigarettes.”

  5. Val, Quitting smoking takes a mindset. Compare it to your determination to free Cuba. You haven’t let that conviction pass, yet.

    When I quit smoking, during cravings I would close my eyes and remember people I knew who had died from smoking. It helped.

    Good luck

  6. I tried quitting for new years. The first week went great. But when the second week arrived my will power faded and I started again on day 14.

  7. Yes, we want you around a looooooong time and there are many things out there you can use to help you quit. Some people have the will power and do it cold turkey. But others are wired differently. Whatever works for you, DO it.

    I’ve been around several people with throat and lung cancer related to their smoking habit. It is not nice, Val. Very sad. Very unnecessary. Even after you quit, it takes a while for your body to detox ….. so all the best. Go for it.

  8. didnt you watch snippets on channel six during merienda in-between cartoons? quitters never win!!!

  9. The non-smoker in me says, with the obvious aim of scaring the hell out of you, that it wasn’t pretty watching my fantastic, but chain-smoking father in law die over an 8-month period thanks to his damn cigarettes. What a loss and a waste that was.

    In one of my readings once, involving of all things, military slang, found that German soldiers in WWII referred to the vile cigarettes in their ration issue as “lung torpedoes.” Even then they knew the effects of tobacco.

    Just give up the damn things. You still have places to go, looney lefties to annoy – many of them. Let THEM take up smoking…

  10. Val
    I got a suggestion. How about you put pictures of the cancers and tumors on your cigarrete packs. Make sure that they are ugly, bloody pictures, the ones that make you throw up.

    Or you could buy the chocolate bars that look like cigars. I’m sure it would be a great treat to stop your cravings.

    Good luck!!!

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