Here’s a clue for the clueless…

Anyone that comes to this blog and posts a comment stating something like: “Batista will never be back” or “you just want to go back to the Batista days” or something to that effect is an idiot and you will be treated as such.

Not only have you not understood what this blog is about, but you are utterly clueless about our work here. To state, aver or imply that we want another Batista ruling Cuba is not only an insult but a cheap, unlearned attempt to denigrate and criticize me, the contibutors of this blog and our readers.

So, do us all a favor, take your Batista comments and your blinding stupidity and cram them.

16 thoughts on “Here’s a clue for the clueless…”

  1. Yes, my blood pressure goes up every time I see a “Batista” or a “the Cubans in Miami are waiting to get back all their properties in the Island” comment. It is too much ignorance and laziness.

  2. Amen to that Val!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.”

  3. Melek, I’d appreciate your giving credit to whoever said all these quotes you sign your posts with (unless they’re yours). I like many of them a helluva lot.

  4. elbombillo,

    I apologize for the ambiguity. I usually write right next to the quote the name or initials of the person accredited with the quote. The ones just within quotation and without credit, are unknown or anonymous … but I guess for the benefit of clarity I will state “anonymous” … thanks!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” ~ Anon

  5. I’m sitting here laughing. Accussing anti-castro Cubans of wanting Batista back is like claiming that the students on Tiananmen Square wanted to bring back the Chinese Emperor.

    Anyone making that claim is either a product of our public schools, or shameless DGI.

    It is such a stupid comment that it is actually funny.

  6. These pro-Castro erudites don’t know that Batista died of a heart attack in Marbella, Málaga, Spain, on August 6, 1973, and is interred in San Isidro Cemetery, Madrid.

  7. Melek and Bombillo:

    “You’re entitled to your own opinions but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” — Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

  8. Professor de la Cova:

    You don’t understand, Tony. Yes, Batista is dead, but his genetic matter has been preserved and thanks to a grant from the Más Canosa Foundation scientists in Brazil are currently engaged in cloning millions of Batistas.

    Seriously, the wackos at the Democratic Underground and other leftist blogs actually do believe that Batista has been resurrected in the person of his grandson, Raoul Cantero y Batista, who was appointed by Jeb Bush to the Florida Supreme Court. They fully expect Cantero to be installed as dictator the moment that the U.S. invades Cuba. They’re serious, too. Supposedly the plane is waiting to take Cantero and the rest of the Batista family to Cuba the moment Castro falls.

  9. After Castro, Batista is the person who has done the most harm to Cuba, directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, he was not a “good” enough dictator to eliminate Castro when he had the chance. Castro would never have made the same mistake with anybody who was at all a threat to him, guilty or not.

  10. You don’t understand, Tony. Yes, Batista is dead, but his genetic matter has been preserved and thanks to a grant from the Más Canosa Foundation scientists in Brazil are currently engaged in cloning millions of Batistas.

    Jeeze, Manuel, you say that and now I’m thinking of the movie “Multiplicity”.

  11. Manny
    Your post might not be too far off. There is a bar in the town where I live. The owner has a huge mural of che with various quotes, in portuguese, from che, fidel, etc, and inside he has magazine covers framed, time, life, even bohemia and other cuban magazines from the revolution, stuff that really aren’t just lying around in BFE middle of nowhere brasil. if you look at the guy who owns it you would swear to God you are looking at camilo. Same face, same hair, same beard, just a bit worn and tanned, almost leathery. i’m gonna see if I can get a picture of the guy. There’s a cuban dentist who lives here, and he says the first time he saw him he felt like those holocaust survivors who say they see nazi war criminals in their neighborhood, thinking he’d seen Camilo. It was weird cause the day i asked him “hey you ever been to the bar with the che mural?” he looked at me and said “camilo, right?”

  12. It’s the same comment I hear whenever I speak of Cuba with some of my leftist relatives. They say: “yes, Cuba should be free, but Batista was also a dictator..”

    That’s the most idiotic comment I’ve ever heard. It’s like to say that whoever is not communist or leftist in Italy, is a nostalgic of Mussolini.

  13. I would rather have lived a 1000 years under Batista than a single day under Castro. A thousand years would not have sufficed Batista to destroy Cuba; but one day would have been enough for Castro. In fact, it almost was.

  14. I agree with asombra. I’m reminded of an old movie line where Audrey Hepburn gets over William Holden only to be smitten by his older brother, a miscast Bogart:

    “Yes I’m cured, but now to get over the cure”.

    Castro cured Cuba of Batista all right, but has made the island a living hell in the process.

    Asombra, one could only wish a little more tenacity by Batista in re-capturing Castro in 1958 or just not releasing him from prison in 1955.

    Anybody willing to bet that if the “shoe were on the other foot” that Castro would just have had Batista shot?

  15. Batista was just a different kind of Fidel Castro,cuba needs democracy,not another kind of dictatorship,so please, guys from CANF,stay in miami,fight for city council in dade county,or whatever you want in south florida,but the last thing cuba needs,it s a Mas Canosas kind in power.
    Cuban will and should decide for themselves,not us,exiles since too many years,because we haven t suffer the same way than our fellows back home
    and trust me,i left the island,i was 2 years old,so i don t remember,but i m praying god to go somehow,someday,to the land i love

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