This world disgusts me

The plan was to go to tonight’s Korda exhibit at Florida International University donning tshirts with photographs of che guevara’s real legacy: death, murder, assasinations. Unfortunately, I neglected to read the fine print and didnt realize it wasnt an exhibit of photographs, but the screening of a documentary. Still, Henry, Robert and I went and sat down at the theater on campus and decided to stay for the film.

I could stomach only up to the credits, specifically, where they said “and special guest appearance by el Comandante fidel castro.”

I looked at Henry, told him, “that’s it. Im done.” I got up and started to leave the theater. As I made my way up the center aisle, movie still running behind me, I felt the bile build up in my stomach. Felt it start to brew there, beads of sweat formulating on my forehead. By the time I’d reached the entrance doors, I was already throwing up in my mouth. I barely made it to the men’s room.

As I type this, Henry and Robert are still there and I’m here at home and all I can think about is that I need to apologize to my parents for not doing a better job, for not spending more time, for not having a stronger voice and for having failed them. Failed to tell their story and failed to show the world what pure hatred like that espoused by fidel castro and che guevara, etal, does to one’s soul.

The plight and suffering of generations of Cubans have been relegated to obscurity by a beard, a beret and a grin.

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  1. Oye déjate de eso.

    Si no fuera por ti todavía el Burlington Coat factory estuviera vendiendo los pull over del hijo de puta ese y Target estuviera vendiendo la cajita de CD’s.

    Acuérdate del cuento de los ladrillos. Hay ladrillos que por mucho que se limpien siguen siendo seborucos. No es la culpa del albañil. Si el ladrillo no sirve, no sirve.

    Tomate una cerveza y mañana le caemos a palos de nuevo y si no lo hacemos , entonces si nos tenemos que disculpar con los viejos.

  2. Let me translate Gusano’s sage advice:

    “Come on, Val, stop that.

    “If it weren’t for you Burlington Coat Factory would still be selling that SOB’s pullover and Target his CD holder.

    “Remember the story about the bricks. There are bricks that no matter how much you scrub them remain black. It’s not the bricklayer’s fault. Some bricks just come out of the oven black. If the brick isn’t usable, then chuck it.

    “Have a cold one and tomorrow we’ll give them a good drubbing again, and if we don’t, then we’ll ask our folks to forgive us.

  3. Dude, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your voice is one of the most well-known voices around on how Castro has been raping Cuba for 40-plus years.

    You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time–one of the beautiful things about the Internet. Keep up La Lucha, a lot of people are pulling for you out here.

  4. Let me add now my own advice:

    You are obviously on emotional overdrive, and it is understandable given the fact that so many people, mostly strangers, make you the repository of their own grief and anguish, and look to you to tell their story to an indifferent world.

    Today’s story about the 19 refugees who landed safely in Key West was especially trying. Yes, we rejoice at their survival and wish them the best; but, at the same time, we remember not only the thousands who did not make it but also the tragic fact that our country has been turned into a place its own people flee even at the cost of their lives. To end such a day by watching a ghoulish documentary featuring the very man who has turned our country into a charnel house is more than most men can willingly stomach. Believe me, you would have gained nothing from the experience. Nothing. You have done your duty today. As Martí said, “No man can do more and no man should ever wish to do less.”

  5. I was just in Mexico where I was slapped daily by che merchandise. Not to mention run ins with cuban communists living it up in Mexico and claiming that the only problem with communism is economics. That aside I ran into a che wearing flake at the Houston airport. Needless to say – I lost it. He was in the security line next to me so I had a captive audience. I told him that the person on his t-shirt wasn’t a “revolutionary hero” as the shirt said, but a blood thirsty murderer. My blood pressure went up and I was to the point of shaking so I bit my tongue and went on. As fate would have it we met again in the line to claim our things after the scanning. I told him that it wasn’t personal, but that I have friends and relatives who lost their lives due to che and I lost a country. His answer was “sorry man”. I told him that he really needs to study his hero out better. Then I told him that I wished that he and all the che worshippers would have there che revolutionary dreams fulfilled so they could then lose all freedoms of speech and expression. He said “I’m not that heavy into him”. As I left I told him that there was more to che than a t-shirt icon. I then realized that this mindless guy with the t-shirt doesn’t realize what he’s doing nor does he realize the price he will pay if his icon were successful. When you see a che idiot stand up to him and the others we owe it to freedom!

  6. My sentiments, exactly. You and your friends had the nuts to show up. Whatever happened to the rest of the well informed locals who know just as much as you, who may even have had loved ones affected by the murderous acts of that lunatic? Where are they? Why didn’t they show up too, after it was discussed here?

    Hats off to you buddy, for putting your $$$ where your mouth is. Get some rest and tomorrow will be another day. FIU alumns need to do something about this travesty.

  7. Val,

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing a great job spreading the truth about Cuba.

    By the way, where there any FIU students demonstrating?

  8. I would have made so much noise in that theatre, the movie would be completely unwatchable.

    Is that a form of nonviolent protest? Am I just crazy?

    So what if I ruined their movie, there’s nothing they could do to me that Castro, Che, and their thugs haven’t done to me, my relatives, and my country. I feel like I owe it to them to protest the injustice they faced. So what if it means a ticket.

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