Norfolk, Virginia

Here’s a great piece from Pilot Online:

Escaping Castro: From Cuba to Norfolk and beyond

When people ask Ed Suarez where he was born, he has a quick and quizzical answer. “Norfolk,” he always says, with a warm accent.

Suarez was 31 when he first set foot in Norfolk and only spent a couple of days there in 1966 before leaving to make a new life in Miami and later Chicago.

But for Suarez, his brother, Juan, and four friends who survived a harrowing escape from Castro’s Cuba on a homemade raft 40 years ago, Norfolk is where they entered the United States. It is where they considered themselves reborn.

Today, as people engage in Fidel Castro’s death watch, the Suarez brothers find folks unable to comprehend how bad things were when they fled their homeland.

They can never forget.

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