4 thoughts on “Tempus fugit”

  1. George,

    Your age is showing. Our subjective perception of time is relative to our age. We all know that the older you are, the faster time seems to pass.

    To a three year old, three years is a lifetime. To a sixty year old, three years is a mere 5% of the time he has lived on this earth. But, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that “60 is the new 40.”

    Enjoy 2007, before its all gone.

  2. George,

    I’m not sure.

    But, on a more positive note, I am closely following all the recent scientific studies on the beneficial effects of resveratrol (red wine), and will keep you posted. Thus far the results are very encouring.

    I have personally undertaken a study of a number of French and Spanish reds, and have no complaints.

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