Another Babalu PSA

I received the following email yesterday and offered to help out:

Hi Valentin,

I’m a journalist at the national public radio show Marketplace, and I’m reaching out to Spanish-speaking communities to find people interested in sharing their experiences to help us better cover the Hispanic economy in the US. If you’d be willing I’d like to give you a link to post to Babalu Blog, hoping that could get the link in the hands of some interested folks.

What I’d like to do is share a link to a webform where we ask questions about experience, expertise and observations. I hope to hear from employers, employees, small business owners, professionals, bloggers, immigrants, non-immigrants, etc.

This is the link to go to:

If you feel it’s appropriate, I’d be grateful if you could post the link to Babalu Blog, and invite your readers to participate. We’re trying to expand our pool of information for our reporting about Hispanics in America, and your input — and that of your readers and contacts — would be valuable.

If you can spare a few minutes, please drop by and answer the questionaire. It’s quite painless, I assure you.