Yuca, baby!

Chantel puts the castro death celebration parties into perspective:

Do I think the party at the Orange Bowl is probably going to be a very tacky affair? You better believe it. As tacky as possible. Is it wrong to celebrate fidel’s death? Hell, no. Will the media get all orgasmic reporting on those “tasteless, Miami Cubans”? But, of course.

Eschuchen bien because I’m only going to say this one more time. fidel is a bad person. BAD. To denounce his regime and celebrate his disappearance from this earth is a good thing. GOOD. The moment he goes all cold, is the moment we can talk about him in the past tense, when we can say “the castro era” and look BEHIND us, and not into this dismal future that seems to have no end (in Cuba, at least. Have you all heard about Venezuela lately?).

I’m not naive. I know that communists on the island aren’t just going to go poof! and change their minds the day after fidel’s death. But it is a beginning. Believe it.

I can convince you further, of fidel’s BADNESS, if you’d like. I can go on and on and on about the hundreds of political prisoners, of the thousands believed lost at sea escaping the island prison, and I can remind you of the 37 souls, including 12 children (babies, people. Babies, most of them, in diapers, clinging to their mamas and drowning) killed in the 13th of March massacre.

Or, I can show you what happens to people in Cuba who want to memorialize some of those victims:

She’s got a very eye opening video posted here. If you’re against the celebration, watch it, learn, then leave us and our party hats be.

5 thoughts on “Yuca, baby!”

  1. Well said Yucababy! It is definitely a beginning, and while many of us celebrate in our own ways here in Miami, many more in Cuba will silently breathe a sigh of relief that el tirano hijoeputa ya murio!!!

    Hopefully, not too long after fidel’s death, Cubans on the island will also be able to freely express themselves and say; Fuck fidel, Fuck raulita and Fuck chavez!!!

  2. When the Beast finally drowns in his shit produced by his artificial anus I will quietly raise a glass with my best friends. We’ll remember all the good people who suffered, who were jailed, who were killed.

    Then we continue to fight for a free Cuba.

    And when Cuba is finally free THEN WE CELEBRATE

  3. There will always be somebody, somewhere, who is going to find fault with ANYTHING Cuban exiles do. Therefore, regardless whether you plan to party publicly or not, forget what “the others” say, think, bleat about, whine about, and so on. Your refusal to acknowledge their sanctimonious criticism is sufficient, and guaranteed to piss them off. Treat them as non-entities, which is what they are. We’re not here to win popularity contests with the world’s hypocrite left.

    Party away – adopt this attitude:

    “Damn the torpedoes – full spead ahead!”
    Admiral David G. Farragut
    Mobile Bay, Alabama
    August 5, 1864

  4. OK VAL your post has convinced me that it will be good to have a party – I thought it tacky at first because I was more concerned what non Cuban “Anglos” would say – but who cares, but now you sold me. LETS PARTY!

  5. The video made me sick to hear women screaming Viva fidel. They are so convincingly walking down the street chanting ‘Esta calle es de fidel!’ just about made me puke!

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