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  2. A “perfect storm” brewing for 2008- a Hillary Clinton presidency, combined with a Democratic Congress= Socializied Healthcare, Global Warming Alarmism, and the pursuit of negotations with Iran.

    Hold on to your hats, folks. There is a typhoon of spin coming your way….

  3. what is going on???

    1. It’s Friday
    2. Happy Hour is ON
    3. Super Bowl is Sunday at 6:00 pm in Miami
    4. Tailgate party (all day sunday)
    5. We are definitely in trouble on Monday morning.

  4. 1. Does anyone know where the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown video+audio is posted online? I tried a few different google searches, youtube, and nothing so far

    2. Brasilian TV had fun at fifo’s expense, with a skit on a SNL/MadTV/Living Color type show with “Fidel” having one of those big gag butts you find at Casa De Los Trucos, it had Lula, Chavez, and Morales in a Three Stooges type skit taking care of him and fighting over who gets to clean, wax, and kiss the butt

    3. I am still dreaming about Sarussi sandwiches.

  5. daniel….sarussi is the best. me entraron ganas de ir.

    OBSERVATION. you know how they always say that fidel has a bunch of body double all over cuba. Do you think that they all had to get fake assholes too???

  6. All, PLease can someone give the contact for the Organization in Venezuela that is helping the Cuband Doctors etc, that are trying to escape? I have a person there that Excaped from the Barrio Adentro plan, and needs some help, getting to the US ambasy, and understanding how that works. I’ll apreciate it. My e-mail is: Betof98@yahoo.com

  7. friday, yes.
    cafe cubano, oh yes
    harina con picadillo, hell yes.
    spring will be here soon. ah! YES.
    who's beautiful eyes are up there on your page? 
  8. friday, yes.
    cafe cubano, oh yes
    harina con picadillo, hell yes.
    spring will be here soon. ah! YES.
    who's beautiful eyes are up there on your page? 
  9. I took my written comps! Don’t know if I passed yet or not; still have to take the oral comps.

    Will be in San Diego the 15th through the 19th in a conference.

    There is FINALLY snow on the ground, and some more to come.

    GO COLTS!!!!!

  10. The most horrible of all medieval tortures was to be drawn and quartered. The drawing part involved cutting your stomach open and pulling out your entrails while you were still alive. This is in effect what has happened to Castro.

    If his life did not hinder the lives of so many others, it would be poetic justice to see these punishments continue indefinitely.

  11. From http://www.viiphoto.com:

    Leung Kwok-hung, also known as Longhair, is a dissonant politician from Hong Kong, who idolizes Che Guevara. He is one of the few politicians in Hong Kong to speak out about China’s apparent human rights violations.

    You can also find information on this fellow on wikipedia.com

    Now, am I the only person who finds it more than a bit ironic that a Chinese dissident calling for human rights in China idolizes Che Guevara, a man who wanted to model Cuba’s revolution after Mao’s? Again we have another individual who hasn’t done his homework yet attempts to come across as a well-informed advocate for human rights. Strange indeed.


  12. Just saw this at Business News Americas:

    US authorities have halted a project by Houston-based Citgo, the marketing and refining arm of Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA, to increase gasoline production at its Corpus Christi refinery in Texas, a PDVSA official confirmed.

    But PDVSA deputy president for refining Alejandro Granado told BNamericas he did not anticipate major regulatory issues arising from the decision by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to put the project on hold because of “insufficient documentation.”

    And Granado denied there was any link between the decision and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez labeling George W Bush a “war criminal” on Thursday.

  13. For those of you who haven’t seen the new Reporters Without Borders report, head over to my neck of th woods for the link and a few Cuba exerpts from their press release.


  14. beautiful. she looks like my mom in the other picture. striking resemblance. her words will come. don’t try to listen too hard or you’ll miss it. you know what i mean? 🙂

  15. On this end, getting ready for the BIG game …. to relax, for a change. Beef, salad, chili ~ even American-made french pastry. Both the guys and the gals get into it.

    Let’s remember to pray for all those folks in central FL, please.

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