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  1. Z, I’d love for you to trade places with StuckOnStupid (you know who I mean). I’ll welcome you to our fair city with an arroz con pollo a la chorrera and gladly pay for his gas — although he produces enough greenhouse gases already with his “writing” — to wherever the hell he decides to reside.

  2. Here is the comment that I left on leftside’s website:

    “A proud socialist from Chicago who sees hope in the social-economic experiments of our Southern neighbors.” — leftside’s description of himself

    Hope for what? The enslavement of humanity? Haven’t you Communists tried that already? Was the murder of more than 1 billion human beings just a dry run? Are you going to “do it right” next time and murder 2 billion? Or 3 billion?

    Let me define a slave for you, distinguished dj, urban planner and universal joke of the blogosphere: a slave is someone who is compelled to work for another and receives in exchange the bare sustenance that will allow him to work for one more day in his master’s benefit. This is an exact description of the living conditions of the Cuban doctors in Venezuela. The fruits of their labor were paid to Fidel Castro, who, although he has foisted Marxism on Cuba, practices personal capitalism himself, which has allowed him to amass a $900 fortune based upon just such enslavement of his countrymen.

    And you? What are you, leftside? A parasite upon such a parasite. You do not commit Castro’s crimes, but you condone and cheer them; but although he is the actor and you are merely the reactor, both of you are on the same moral plane. He is the greater menace but I think that you are even more contemptible than him because you are the dog that laps up the blood. But you are much worse: because you are not a dog. Dogs are governed by their instincts, but you have turned your back on everything that defines and elevates humanity above the beasts, who are at least God’s creatures. You are a conscious agent and willing instrument of evil. Nothing can be more contemptible.

  3. You know, it is a real waste of time and utter exercise in futility to attempt to dialog with a leftist moonie like this dude. From his profile, his fave books: “Works by Noam Chomsky” I don’t need to know anymore.

    Most of these people are uneducable. Unteacheable. Worst of all, uninterested in the truth.

    Best we can do is target those who as yet have not been totally brainwashed by this leftist drivel. I went to LA twice on job hunts back in the 1980’s; in retrospect, it was a blessing I didn’t get any. I’d be taking meds for my ulcers today.

  4. “as defecting from medical missions is a crime (because of the US policy).”

    You read this and your head goes spinning. How do you debate with those people?

  5. Sometimes the deluded do open their eyes and return to the ranks of humanity, as did Arthur Koestler and Whittaker Chambers.

  6. Ziva & Ventanita,

    You should consider Charleston, SC … it’s a great place to live!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “It’s a sign of your own worth sometimes if you are hated by the right people.” ~ M. Franklin

  7. Here is my reply to leftside’s feeble attempt to answer my objections and those of others to her inflammatory post about the Cuban doctors:


    Is that the best you can do? [To call me an]Asshole? That is the concern of your beshitted idol, not me.

    You don’t really have any empathy for the Cuban people; for you they are merely pawns in a game of international politics that ceased to be played when your beloved USSR imploded. Didn’t you defend that regime as cravenly as you now defend Castro’s dictatorship? Hasn’t every Stalinist depended on you for a kind word or thousands of kind words in the span of your miserable existence as an apologist for the inexcusable?

    In fact, you are not only indifferent to the suffering of Cubans, you regard them as inhuman and unworthy of enjoying the freedoms that you enjoy here and would never forfeit, not even to enjoy the spectacle of seeing Cubans degraded on a daily basis while you live in relative comfort in your socialist paradise. Why must your paradise be another man’s hell?

    The Cuban doctors “volunteered” because Cubans will do anything (and have) to escape Castro’s island prison. It is most assuredly better to be a Castro slave in Venezuela or any other country than in Cuba, because then at least you have the possibility of escaping to freedom without having to forfeit your life in the bargain.

    As for Castro’s personal wealth made at the expense of the Cuban people, I am confident that Forbes can tell a capitalist from a communist, even if you can’t. Castro has never lived an ascetic life, nor, God forbid, shared the misery which he has inflicted on his countrymen. He owns the world’s biggest plantation and has more slaves than did all the slavemasters of the Confederacy. If you were really a socialist like Marx, you would despise him as a plutocrat. But, of course, you are nothing but a shameless deluded sadist who masks his bloodlust in a superannuated ideology.

  8. More from the battle with leftside in his own domain. This comment is addressed to joep, who had given the lie to leftside’s assertion that Cubans enjoy the benefits of running water and electricity (so this is the last defense of the Revolution in their bag of tricks?). In my own comment below I take on the subject of health care in Castro’s Cuba:


    Of course leftside champions the Cuban health system, and right now I do too because it got Castro into the beshitted state in which he is now.

    If Castro’s personal physicians (the “best and brightest,” we suppose) had not misdiagnosed his case and then botched what should have been a simple operation, he would already have recovered by now. Instead, a foreign expert had to be consulted and equipment and medicines flown-in from Spain to try to halt his decline (into hell, that is). And as the ultimate slap to the Cuban health care system an artificial anus was imported from non-fraternal South Korea. And so the Maximum Ass doesn’t even have his own ass anymore thanks to the wonders of Cuban medicine.

    If this is what Cuban medicine does for Castro, what must it do to the Cuban people who cannot afford to have foreign experts, foreign medicines and foreign equipment to try to supply the deficiencies of Cuban medicine?

    Castro’s undoing, ironically, was that he believed his own propaganda. The Greatest Liar in the end was defeated by his Greatest Lie.

  9. “Mexicans enjoy all the rights of citizens in their own country”

    But the Cubans in question aren’t in their own country so this point is basically null.

    “the Cubans are denied those rights in Venezuela, Colombia, and, of course, their own country. This is what differentiates all Cubans refugees from Mexicans migrants.”

    Colombia isn’t an authoritarian dictatorship. So the Cubans and the Cuban doctors are being extended all the rights afforded to Colombian nationals (their case is being decided by Colombian courts). So the doctors should have no claim to enter the United States because of political persecution they have reached a safe third country. If they wish to enter the United States it is because of economic reasons.

    That being said although I’m against the migration of Cuban doctors in principal I don’t mind it in practice. Most of those doctors will go on to get certified by the AMA and if we increase the amount of doctors then it will introduce competition into the market place and drive medical costs down.

    But don’t claim that the United States government is “screwing” Cubans (didn’t Ziva call me “un-American” a few days ago for disagreeing with government policy). We have the most friendly immigration policy towards Cubans in the world and our government has been sympathetic to the exile cause even when it goes against our national interests.

  10. Mike.Hunter:

    Mexicans enjoy political rights in their country which Cubans do not in theirs.

    Colombia is not a dictatorship, but the only right that the Cuban doctors were accorded there was asylum. If you had read the article, you would know that they are not allowed to work and hence cannot support themselves in Colombia

    Is everything clear to you now? Because I could break it up into even smaller pieces.

  11. Manuel – I never said that Mexicans were politically persecuted. Cubans however are, until they reach a safe country which these doctors have. These doctors’ have been afforded every right that Colombian citizens are entitled to and have more freedom then the average foreigner claiming asylum here has. The average asylum seeker that comes to the United States stays in a detention center while the courts decide whether or not to grant him asylum.

    And no these doctors’ can’t work but the last time I checked the availability of a green card to work and permanent residence for immigrants entering a country illegally wasn’t a human right.

  12. Mike.Hunter:

    If you cannot work, you cannot support yourself; and if you cannot support yourself, you cannot live.

    Under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, the Cuban doctors have a right to apply for asylum in the U.S. and claim permanent residency. Clinton and Bush have ignored and thwarted the intent and practice of the Act, and the plight of the Cuban doctors in Colombia as well as the disgraceful “wet foot/dry foot policy” is the direct result of their violation of the Law.

  13. Mike, you’re missing the point. Manuel is correct and current U.S. policy according to a DHS press release states that:

    “Tthe United States will allow Cuban medical personnel currently conscripted to study or work in a third country under the direction of the Cuban government to enter the United States,” said USCIS. This policy will also apply to the families of these professionals, who often must remain in Cuba.

    Also Mike,You cannot compare Cubans to Mexicans, it’s like trying to compare the Chinese to the Japanese. Doesn’t work.

  14. Henry:

    The enemy must be engaged on all fronts. First, because sometimes little men in funny mustaches are no joke; and second, because it is so much fun.

  15. Victoria:

    With the funny hat and the parrot Chávez resembles an Andean version of Ignatius Reilly when he was a hot dog vendor.

    In an age without photography Venezuela had noble-looking leaders like Bolívar and Sucre, and now, in the electronic age, they have Hugo Chávez. His Indian heritage, of course, has nothing to do with it, since few men looked nobler than Benito Juárez in his black suit. Chávez’s buffoonery radiates from within. What is remarkable is that he should seek to highlight it in such costumes.

    The same goes for Bolivia’s Evo Morales (evo: the conjunction of evil and ova, or bad egg.

  16. With the funny hat and the parrot Chávez resembles an Andean version of Ignatius Reilly when he was a hot dog vendor.


    n an age without photography Venezuela had noble-looking leaders like Bolívar and Sucre, and now, in the electronic age, they have Hugo Chávez. His Indian heritage, of course, has nothing to do with it, since few men looked nobler than Benito Juárez in his black suit.

    Also, Porfirio Diaz, whose white powder compact you can see in the Mexican Presidential museum, the better to make himself lighter (but he was an impeccable dresser, and very noble about his person).

    Chávez’s buffoonery radiates from within. What is remarkable is that he should seek to highlight it in such costumes.

    What a clown, Manuel, what a clown.

    How can people not see Fifo’s fatigues and small-woodlawn animals nest-beard, Chavez’ stupid boiné and parrot accessories, for what they are?

    Signs of impending, if not full-blown dementia.

    You think Americans would EVER, EVER elect leaders who went around wearing these get-ups? My God, even LBJ wouldn’t have sunk that low.

    P.S.: Good one about the ova evo!


  17. Victoria:

    Poor Don Porfirio! Not only was he actually the general who defeated and drove out the French invaders but his stable and progressive government prevented the U.S. from undertaking more land grabs in Mexico. He also provided Martí with the seed money to start Cuba’s War of Independence.

    That such a man, Mexico’s greatest president, should be “honored” with a can of face powder at the Mexican Presidential Museum explains a great deal about that country. I am sure that the bandit leaders of the Mexican Revolution and their larcenous heirs are subjects of official hagiography in the same museum.

    This is the reason that Communism must be extinguished in Cuba and no trace left of it; otherwise our history, too, may fall prey to the same revisionism that has debased Mexican history.

    P.S.: It was also said of Trujillo that he wore white face powder. I don’t believe it in either case. Neither Díaz (who was half Spaniard) nor Trujillo (whose grandfather was a white Cuban immigrant to Santo Domingo) needed white face powder to considered “white” in their respective countries. They were in fact whiter than most everybody else.

  18. Even though I don’t agree with the reasoning behind why all Cuban medical personel should be let in, we agree with the end result. Which is of course to let Cuban doctors live and work in America.

    Maybe someone could draft up a sample letter to send to all of the relevent representitives so that we can perhaps illicit some change. I’m planning to write a letter myself but i’ve been pretty busy so it may take a little while. If someone wants to beats me to the punch and it can help then so be it.

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