OK people, bring out the crystal balls

It’s time for our first annual Super Bowl prediction post. Predict the final score and the winner of tomorrow’s Super Bowl XLI — that’s “41” for all you Dems and libs out there — and you’ll win a Babalu t-shirt (whatever we have in stock). I’ll start off the predictions here: Da Bears 34, Colts 16.

18 thoughts on “OK people, bring out the crystal balls”

  1. Ok. I bet that the Super Bowl will be preempted by the announcement of Castro’s death and that none of us will give a damn about the final score of the game because his final reckoning will be more important to us.

  2. Bears 41
    Colts 13

    But to be fair, you should keep the shirt since this is not really a prediction. Earlier in the week I was visited by the Ghosts of the Chicago Bears Past, Present, and Future in a dream. I snuck a peak at the final scoreboard while the Spirit of the Chicago Bears Future was dragging me around Miami. That was a mistake – no real suspense in watching the game for me now.

    Anyway, the whole Dickensian tale is linked below, but will probably only be understood and appreciated by Bears fans:

    “Da Bears Song in Prose – Being a Ghost Story of the Superbowl”

  3. But of course you’re absolutely correct, George. And I totally understand how a simple spelling error makes an already insecure person uncomfortable, let alone appear idiotic after they’ve just finished mocking someone for being dim. So I hear what you’re saying, George.

    Oh, the game. Bears 14, Colts 10.

    How much fun could I have with a babalu t-shirt? The possibilities are endless.

    You’re going to let me play, aren’t you?


  4. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many Bears fans there are among the Babalu audience. I can’t resist adding my own prediction:

    Bears 27
    Colts 24

    The Bears’ defense and special teams will make the difference. The Colts’ weakness in defending the run will also help immensely. So long as the Bears are able to keep it on the ground and eat up the time and keep Manning’s air attack from developing, they will become champs. If the lack of experience of Bears quarterback Rex Grossman get the better of him and he makes mistakes, it will be a different story. I’m hoping the pressure will be off Grossman by the Bears’ game plan of running the ball. I’m also hoping Robbie Gould will be consistent and accurate in the warm weather.

  5. Spelling error? Moi? I don’t see any spelling error…

    Rick, sorry, but no. Since I make the rules on this contest, I’ve automatically disqualified you. That would be unfair for all the loyal Babalu readers. Hell, I’ll even let Lesly play today. But you? You can’t play with the rest of us.

    It’s good to be the King…

    BTW, the thought of you wearing a Babalu t-shirt is as repugnant to me as that Bolivarian Youth support blog of yours.

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