Gui Midia Mayami

Starting tonight, Ill be attending and participating in the We Media Miami event being held at the University of Miami. Thus I may not be posting as much as usual. I’ll have the laptop with me but given that these events are discussion forums and panels, I dont know how much live blogging Ill be able to do from there.

Im pretty excited and a bit nervous as well. Seems every head honcho from every major news and media outlet is in for the event. You can check out the event program here.

I will be participating in the “Soft Power” forum:

How popular culture and media are combining to create a new source of influence and power, and a new flow of information derived from interaction and interactivity among citizens.

The forum moderator is Chris Nolan of Spot-On and my fellow participants (stagesetters) are:

Jay Rosen, Press Think and
David Sasaki, Global Voices
Gaby Bruna, Media for Change Project
Sanjeev Chatterjee, Vice Dean, University of Miami School of Communication, One
Chuck DeFeo, Salem Communications

As you can tell from the above links and bios, this welder’s son will be rubbing elbows with some very accomplished thinkers and writers and professionals tomorrow. So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I dont butcher the English language all that much.

I hope to have more on the event tomorrow and possibly tonight after our return from the opening reception, so stick around because you all are the ones that made this possible.

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