Pastors for Peace make their choice

The “Pastors for Peace” are at it again, conspiring to break American law and to collaborate with a tyrant, with a new “caravan” to Cuba:

We think that the tide is turning in the US against the blockade, but this issue cannot be left to the politicians, we must take the lead and challenge them by implementing a People to People Foreign Policy that calls for the total abolition of the blockade.

Which means that we in IFCO/Pastors for Peace are building for the largest possible US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan in July of 2007. As many people, vehicles, tons of aid, caravan outreach events, and media stories as we possibly can.

The timing of the caravan this year means we will be in Cuba for the July 26th celebrations. Our caravan’s theme this year will be a dedication to Cuba’s elders, celebrating that so many Cubans now live to an advanced age, and honoring the work that is done to meet their social, health and educational needs. But we know also that many of our caravanistas will be young so we will make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to meet with young Cubans as well. (emphasis added)

No word whether these “Pastors for Peace” have heard what the regime they admire so much did to Leyani Domínguez Velasquez, the 13-year-old stepdaughter of a Cuban pastor.

It really doesn’t matter, because Pastors for Peace long ago established that it’s only in solidarity with the dictatorship, not the Cuban people. They know the regime’s record, and have made their choice — for repression, not freedom. They are not just idiots, but knowing and willing accomplices to terror and tyranny.

Here’s hoping imminent changes on the island force the cancellation of this year’s trip.

Meanwhile, demand that the U.S. government prosecute these lawbreakers by e-mailing the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control.

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2 thoughts on “Pastors for Peace make their choice”

  1. When Cuba is free, what a great pleasure it will be to classify all these bums as enemy agents and never allow them to set foot in our country again. We may even go one step further and release the hundreds of hours of video tapes and recordings secretly made by the DGI which chronicle some less familiar aspects of their “good-will” mission which their wives and congregants know nothing about and which they would rather keep on the “down low.”

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