4 thoughts on “Socialism vs Capitalism”

  1. I just read a washington post artical on this and all I can say is wow. Most television stations are running a ticker asking Venezualians to “denouce” food speculators.

    What did these government dumbasses think would happen when you put a prolonged price ceiling on a commodity? The same thing that always happens you get massive shortages.

    They government may be able to keep things afloat in the short term by stealing profits from the oil companies and using it to provide subsidised food. But that will only work so long because eventually the money that should have been used to repair the oil facilities will dissapear and the whole system will fall apart. If things remain unchanged of course.

    I thought that Chavez was loony but I didn’t think things would get this bad. If he starts messing with Venezualia’s oil sector things are going to get a lot worse both for people living in country and oil consumers world wide.

  2. What is is about one picture being worth a thousand words? Two pictures tell you volumes. But the Venezuelan people voted this clown in, not just once.

    Can someone explain that to me. I don’t get it.

  3. Since this Venezuelan “monkey” copies everything the shit-head castro has done…how long before they start blaming their shortages on the US Embargo?

  4. Jack W. – I have a feeling the recent election wasn’t exactly clean. Would we put ballot box stuffing or payoffs past the power-hungry dictator? Many people were probably intimidated into voting for chavez too. I’m just speculating, but somehow, I don’t think the voting environment in Venezuela was as easygoing as it is in the US.

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