The Future for Cubans

From Voice of America:

Cubans Uncertain About Future but Many Crave Change

Today, we begin a special series of reports: “Inside Cuba – Reporter’s Notebook.”

As 80-year-old Cuban President Fidel Castro remains largely out of the public eye, recuperating from unspecified intestinal surgery that sidelined him in July, the island is being ruled on an acting basis by his brother Raul, who is also Cuba’s defense minister.

Because Cuban authorities have restricted access to the island by U.S.-based television journalists, a video crew that regularly contributes material to VOA has just completed a 10-day, unofficial assignment in Cuba. While there, the crew gathered material and spoke to many average Cubans about their hopes and fears for the future. To protect the identities of those who spoke to the crew, we will not show their faces nor provide any images that could endanger them. We also are withholding the names of the crew, in a further effort to protect those who expressed their opinions.

Here is the first of our series of reports, in which the reporter takes a look at Havana and spoke with some of its residents.

You can read the rest of the article here, where you will also find the links to the videos.