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  1. cohiba makes (or made, perhaps they stopped) a special cigar, in a special box with the cuban flag on the inside, a really nice box, that fifo would use as presents for visiting heads of states, dignitaries, actors, famous people, etc.. as chance would have it i have seen them 3 times, once with a certain baseball manager near and dear to south florida, once with a brasilian trade minister, and once with another brasilian diplomat.. supposedly the cigars were from fidel’s special reserve, the batch the used to make especially for him.. another “cigar-kennedy” legend is that jfk had pierre salinger send out a bunch of aides to buy up every cuban (cigar) in the dc area before he signed the embargo..

  2. These are auctioned for charity?
    It just so happens that Charity’s last name is castro. Caridad Castro a/k/a fidel

  3. When OJ [I didn’t do it!] was being forced to auction some of his football trophies after losing the civil trial, L.A’s radio station KFI started a drive to have someone bid on them, win them and then smash them in the station’s parking lot at high noon.

    I don’t remember the final outcome of the whole deal but yes, they would make good fireplace kindling.

  4. Hmmm, you might find a really good use for them by handing them over to your local santero. An coffin-like box touched by castro with castro’s own signature. There are some wonderfully *awful* things one can do with that….

  5. The signature on these things may be no more authentic than the one on a recent letter to Hugo Chavez that was declared a forgery by a handwriting expert (graphologist).

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