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Local Spanish radio station Clasica 92.3 is reporting that the Comandos F-4 group have – if I heard correctly – stolen a bunch of weapons, including AK47s and other small arms, from a weapons cache in Cuba.

Obviously, not able to confirm as yet. Will keep you posted if this turns out to be factual.

Update: From reader Lori:

I was writing because I heard something on the radio this morning that made me a little wider eyed.

An organization called “Commando F4″ sent one of its members to the radio this morning to announce that said organization had penetrated Cuba last night or the night before managed to steal from a Cuban military unit, a number of RPGs, AK47s, Missles, amunitions and I don’t know what else, it was enough to arm a complete company without shortage. This person went on to announce that they have members that are American born of Cuban parents, and that they have members all over South America. One of the American born members came on the radio as well, and asked people in English to donate money to this cause or maybe even join. He couldn’t reveal a lot but he did say that within the Cuban military they’ve established contacts and that there are many soldiers who have pledged support to Comando F4. He went on to say that the only reason were successful was because they had inside help.

He stated that the current Cuban military is full of young men who are just sick and tired of the Cuban Gov.’s bullshit and will support any change.

Don’t know if this helps or even if you want to post something about this. I heard it on 95.7 this morning and was quite surprised, apparently nobody since the days of ” El Escambray” has been able to penetrate a Cuban camp and steal from it. I just thought you might enjoy news like that. I’m sure they’ll replay that tape throughout this morning’s show. and surely at 5:00pm when they do an hour long rebroadcast of the morning show, they’ll play it again.

Again, it’s impossible to verify the validity of the Comando F4 statements at this time. They may very well be factual, as is my hope, but they may also be about raising funds for the organization. I will post more info as it comes in.

Update 1:40 pm: Ya No Mas informs me that the Comandos F4 will have a representative on Radio Mambi tonight between 6 an 8 pm.

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  1. Ok, Comandos F-4. From the little I’ve read (I was only able to pick up an article of FreeRepublic (Wikipedia doesn’t have a thing in English or Spanish, amazingly!), they’re an anti-Castro group that operates primarily in Cuba, right? What’s their ideology? What are their aims/tactics, etc?

  2. Comandos F4 are based in Miami and its leader is Comandante Rodolfo Frometa. They have been around for a long time. Frometa has been jailed several times in the US for arms posession.
    You can visit their website here, but the last news that they show is from middle of last year:

  3. Matt, their ideology is one, bring freedom to Cuba by whatever means necessary, actually their view is that the only way is by force. They are good guys and they are based in Miami I believe

  4. I cannot comment on the accuracy of the news reports. But, Frometa has solid anti-castro credentials. He actively opposed castro, in Cuba. As a result, he was held as a political prisoner in Cuba for many years. Close family members (two brothers, I believe) were killed while fighting castro forces.

  5. While I wish that this story were true vacilón en la mañana is a pranks based show is it not?
    Probably just a stunt.

  6. Gusano,

    The radio station was not reporting they were the ones who did this. They had people from Commando F4 come on the radio and give the report. Also it looks like the report was aired in the stations that form part of Spanish Broadcasting Systems. Like Clasica 92 and one of the romance music stations.

  7. I have always felt after July 2006 that it will not take much to have the house of cards fall down. However, a catalyst will be needed. The people NEED to see that a REAL catalyst if forming, and the avalanche will begin.

    I also have felt that all CF4 needs to do is to take over only 2 towns in opposite ends of Cuba, and the house of cards will begin to fall inwards VERY rapidly.

    You will see the exodus of the scumbags very rapidly. They will shame the Batista escape by the hundreds. They will comandeer all available aircraft and boats and head directly to Caracas!

    Mark my words. This will be story of the year in 2007!

  8. has this been verified? I and many would all like to believe this, but we have been burned(How many times has the dictator died?)many times in the past. If true: Onward my FREEDOM fighters, if not we keep the fight on whether through the blogs, media, and with force!

  9. Conchita,
    from your mouth to God’s ears. May the house of cards fall! I actually would be more excited about this than castro’s death as this would stand of better chance of change happening.

  10. We have good reason to be skeptical, and the possibility of a bloody fight makes me pause for concern.

    Still, let’s hope that this is the beginning of positive long-term change in Cuba.

  11. I am more than a bit skeptical. Radio Marti is reporting nothing. None of the wires are reporting anything and I feel as if this were the real deal, these folks would have mounted a major press rush, notifying AFP, AP, Reuters, etc.

    Best to all,


    BTW, Val: Happy birthday to your papa!

  12. Pototo,
    If even half of this story is true, then we are very close to something happening very soon.

    I would say that the more advance ‘publicity’ in this case (as opposed to 1961) would be the best for a favorable and more rapid outcome. The Cuban people need to know that ‘freedom’ is at-hand. That they should be ready to join the effort as soon as the campaign starts in earnest in Cuba. Trust me, the enemy of the Castrist regime is information, publicity, and knowledge by the population that ‘freedom fighters’ are about to start a campaign in Cuba.

  13. Gabriel,

    Perhaps they don’t want an all out media blitz just yet in order to keep things relatively underground for the time being. Just trying to see it from their side.

    Still, I share your skepticism.

  14. Just watched the promo video of F4. While it doesn’t look like they are a substantial enough group they do have a solid argument that militarily is the only way there will be a change. His reference to the US/Iraq example that it took military action to depose hussein is solid. Well we won’t know anything until its spoon fed to us by the liberal media. That is a very good reason that if something truly did happen they would not report it until they had to.

  15. Pototo,
    Inside help is key in this campaign, and as soon as this campaign starts, they need to tell the world (so that the rest of Cuba can find out). Within the first 24 hours they need to take control of just 2 towns/cities with the help of local forces. Once this happens, we will not even need the ‘promised air cover’ that we’ve been still waiting now for over 45 years.

  16. It sounds to me like they’ve been sitting very quietly for many years, biding their time, gaining strength and support and waiting for the right time to strike. This group HAD to have help from Cuban Military Personnel in order to gets their hands on a weapons cache and if they did that’s HUGE!! It shows signs of a lack of will on the part of the Cuban military to fight and defend the Castro regime.

    This really sounds like the beginning stages of a revolution and I really hope that this is the case. I also hope that Fidel lives long enough to see it happen and gets thrown into an angry mob and torn limb from limb like what should’ve happened to Saddam Hussein.

    I hope and I pray for all my Cuban friends.

  17. Upon consulting the Commandos F-4 website, a press release from August of 2006 states that the group had been working on a plan and had been waiting for the ideal moment to strike.

    Now, that said, I find it odd that a rebel group would allude to an invasion plan in a press release. Doesn’t sounds like a very good idea to me.

    I don’t know, I guess this is simply a wait and see situation.

    Best to all,


  18. word from Cuba is that there was some issues with the state security and now militarty counterintelligence is supposedly in control in Villa Clara.

    Cant confirm this as yet.

  19. am listening to Radio Mambi at the moment although – I was interrupted for a few minutes – all i’ve heard so far was a fund-raising effort. anything else here?

  20. So, Rodolfo Frometa (Chief Commander of F4)came on Radio Mambi’s 6-8pm show “La Mesa Redonda”, hosted by Armando Perez-Roura. He was there with his wife and they had breaking news.

    It seems that an overseas group of the F4 Commandos, based somewhere in South America, has acquired a cache of weapons (including grenade launchers) from Cuba. A Commandante Alejandro, who seems to have led this mission, called into Radio Mambi and repeated their newest acquisition.

    According to Frometa, he recieved the call just the night before, and had to come on air to announce this happening. He seemed honest. Yet, the amount and size of the acquired weapons was not mentioned, and most of the show was spent on Frometa fulminating and asking for donations.

    Here in South Florida, Frometa is embraced by some and allowed to go on radio or tv and recruit new members and talk about his “sabotage” missions.

    Yet, he’s been all talk so far. Maybe some of you with fire in the belly will walk the walk.

  21. Before I fell asleep, I heard him describe the situation in Cuba as, “red-hot”. I wish I would’ve stayed awake but I was too drained to stay up and listen.

  22. I’m too old to fight and too poor to send money so I’ll be praying as I have been and count this as an answer to those prayers until proven wrong.

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