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Good morning faithful readers. Val and I are swamped at work and will probably post lightly today. Use this as a forum for any interesting articles or news stories you have read. Here’s one to start you off:

Cuba embraces open-source software.

As a long-time participant in the technology sector, I’ll say that the decision has more to do with security and a lot less with politics. As you know, they always want to make a political point.

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  1. Unfortunately, I am not in Miami and can’t go to this…Here is a flier:

    Here is a description form the Belen Alumni page:

    TIME FOR COURAGE: Testimony about the Early Struggle for Freedom – The Jesuit Alumni Contribution Cuba: 1959-1961. Presented by the Belen Jesuit Center for Social Justice and Cultural Studies. February 20, 2007 at 7:30PM at the school’s Roca Theater. Admission for the event is Free.

    In case you weren’t aware, Babalusians, the Roca Theater is on Belen’s campus and that campus is on SW 6th St and 127th Ave

    I don’t have info about how long this will go, how “open” an event it is, etc., but I would imagine there is at leat one person here who’d like to call and find out.

  2. It is obvious that the Cuban government is looking for alternative options for OS. No one here remember “los libros fucilados”. Back in the 70’s when I was in college there we used to get Cuban illegal copies text books for our courses. I spend my five years in college using reprints from Mc Graw-Hill and other prestigious US publisher houses. I even had a reprint copy of the NEC (Naciona Electric Code). Likewise all the way until Windows 2000 I am sure that they will get one copy and will install it in thousand of PC all over the island. This practice came to an end with Windows XP with the authorization procedure. So now that they can not do endless copies of the software for all machines they are looking for an alternative.

    Cuba had never respected copyrighted material of anyone but them.

  3. I don’t how familiar the readers here are with open source and the struggle between the ‘business-friendly’ types within the community, such as Eric Raymond, and the more naive/communist/dirty hippie types such as Richard Stallman. But I thought it was perfect – just perfect – that Stallman spoke at that conference.

  4. Don’t know if any of you have this old booklet published in the early 60s. It’s titled “Recuerdos de la Cuba que Dejamos” and boasts 79 views in full natural color. I posted the cover page on my flickr photo feed:

    Will be posting some more images from the book over the course of the day.

    Wanted to post something of interest as a “thanks” to Ziva for his kindness in looking up all sort of information in the old telephone book, etc.

    Val: RE your mother – velita lit!


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