19 thoughts on “So you wanna vacation in Cuba, eh?”

  1. M e mandaron esto que es una pagina Web que hace promocion a los que quieren alquilar sus casas a extranjeros en Cuba y despues de pasarme un buen rato, viendo las casas y entrando en “Ver detalles” , aun no salgo de mi asombro.

    Como se podra ver, son 24 paginas de gente que oferta sus casas, o cuartos de ellas para alquilarlas a extranjeros por Chavitos. Comienzan en la pagina 1 con casas mas modestas de a 25 chavitos la noche en el Vedado y la Habana Vieja y ya las ultimas paginas se alquilan a mas de 50, 60 y 100 chavitos la noche.Hay una casa en la pagina 23 “Casa Hector with Pool” que cuando entre a ver detalles y vi esa casa por dentro no lo podia creer. hasta hay retartos del famoso pintor Cabrera Moreno y todo tipo de antiguedades y muebles de mimbre lujosos. Pero mas que eso, la ultima casa, de la pagina 24 que es “Casa Mansion with Pool” ahi si que ya no me queda mas nada que decir. La alquilan completa por 2000 chavitos al dia!!

    Si mal yo no recuerdo, esas tres zonas era donde vivian los grandes jefes, los privilegiados……..son ellos mismos los que ahora alquilan esas casas que la propia revolucion robo y se les dio ???

    Hagan click en el link. Vale la pena

    !Ah la igualdad socialista!! obviamente algunos son mas iguales que otros,

    Cuba casa particular-Havana Casa Particular.

  2. Maruka-La respuesta a tu pregunta es “Sí”. Pero el link que mencionas no pasó. Favor de dar el website. Gracias

  3. Maruka- perdona los garabatos-la computadora esta enferma de gravedad pero en plena recuperacion. Las palabras que quise poner son “Si” y “paso” con sus accentos respectivos.

  4. “A FAMILY are suing Thomas Cook after their dream trip to Cuba became the holiday from hell.
    Elaine Old, 44, claims their luxury hotel made the family sick.” Sounds like somebody finally found out what the real Cuba is like!

  5. So even the vaunted tourist areas are no longer insulated from the castro-enza epidemic that destroys the rest of the island. Good. The world can’t continue to ignore or gloss over the situation.

  6. This is great news! The Cuban slaves have found an effective way to get back at the visiting tourists that take advantage of the Cubans’ misery! Taking dumps in the empty hotel rooms!!! Brilliant!

  7. Oh! That damn-ned embargo! What about the literacy? What about the healthcare? Why oh why are these tourists complaining when they had the greatest medical care in our galaxy right there for them? I mean, really! Ungrateful Anglo-Saxons! Here’s my favorite quote from the whole article:

    There were so many flies in the restaurant, all over the food. There were even birds coming in and eating the bread … During our stay the dining room was fumigated after every meal due to the amount of flies.

    Ahhh! Socialism! Keep voting Democrat guys and this is what we’ll have in twenty years…

  8. It’s ironic that the headline reads “Holiday Hell in Cuba” … when at least these tourists get to go back to their homes away from “hell” (and get compensated) … unlike Cubans, who have no choice, but to make do in “hell” … everyday! My sympahty is not with the tourists (they had a dosage of reality), but with the Cuban people who among other things, suffer under imposed tourism apartheid.

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “A child who does not think about what happens around him and is content with living without wondering whether he lives honestly is like a man who lives from a scoundrel’s work and is on the road to being a scoundrel.” ~ Jose Marti

  9. George,

    I’m hoping all that “fumigation” had nothing to do with flies. Maybe Dengue-carrying mosquitoes. How long is the incubation period? Maybe these intrepid tourists will come down with Dengue, and then we’ll get a follow up article. One can only hope.

    I have no sympathy at all for these whining leeches.

  10. Why on earth did this family stay 13 days in such a hotel? I’m not trying to blame the victim, but wasn’t it possible to find another hotel and fight with Cook over payment?

    Of course since I’m an American, I figure they should have picked some other place to vacation anyway.

  11. Sounds like they had a jolly crappy vacation, they did! They thought they were in Cuba…no, they took a wrong turn and wound up in Turd-istan.

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