Angioplasty (Updated)

Im heading out to the hospital for my mom’s catherization and possible angioplasty proecedures. Apparently, there’s some blockage in the bypassed arteries that must be abated.

Again, please keep la vieja in your prayers.

Update: Just got back form the hospital. the Cath procedure went very well, with no blockage found within the already bypassed arteries and some blockage found in a couple minor arteries which will not require surgery or angioplasty as the doctor believes we caught it in time. These will be treated with medication and diet. Thanks to all for your prayers.

11 thoughts on “Angioplasty <i>(Updated)</i>”

  1. Val,

    I will say a prayer for her today.

    Thank God that angioplasty is a common procedure today. I’ve waited for my father-in-law at the hospital 6 or 7 times while he has had the procedure done, including having the doctor place stents in his heart.

    He was usually up and around the next morning, doing things the doctor told him not to do.

  2. If she is in the same condition as your father, she will be fine. She will be there to bless you and your family, so don’t worry.

  3. My sister was at the hospital with Val and sent me a text message when the procedure was done:

    “Abuela is out, some little veins are blocked, will treat with meds, no surgery, recovering in ICU”.

    On behalf of our family, thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

  4. Gracias a Dios que tu Madre esta bien.Now we have to stop smoking BRO or we will be going thru that too.Well maybe the cigarettes and smoke a good cigar dipped in cuban coffee once in a while.Great news Val!

  5. espero que tu Sra. Madre salio bien, la mia le hicieron un by pass hace 10 años y este 27 de marzo le celebraremos sus 80 pirulos y todavia baila el guanguanco como una nena!!!!


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